Today I learnt that persistance pays off. Bright and early at 5.00am I bounded out of bed to start a 3 hr routine of seeing “time out” messages, clicking ok, then clicking go. These were the messages Jetstar and Virgin Blue websites were offering to the 5 million australians trying to book domestic trips. Around about 8.15am I finally got the holy grail message – confirmed. This was with what I know call my lucky browser Mozilla Firebird. Jetstar managed to piss me off by making me go through the entire purchase process until the vital confirmation moment when it informed me that I needed Macromedia Flash installed. I could deal with that if they had said it at the beginning of the purchase so I could install it in preparation, but no, they had to wait till the end.

So after the flash installation and going through the whole painful process again, I got my tickets to Hobart. All 5 of them. Yep, the O’Brien women and Pauline are heading off to the apple isle. Watch out Tasmania cause we’re coming for a few days. This will be our first family holiday in a very long time and it will be interesting to see how we now holiday as grown women. Kelly is already scoping out the hotels and transport. I can’t wait to put the pictures in my gallery



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