We awoke grumpily in the smelly Motel 6 and sought about getting our breakfast. Little did we know it would be a mission for us. We headed back to Santa Barbara and walked along the beach, but no place quite suited our requisites although a place called Sambo’s looked alright but was way too busy. Pauline was sick of danishes and I was looking for something healthy. We tried driving down State St but nothing was promising so we took to the highway once more. It wasn’t until we had gone 8 miles past where we began that we gave in and decided to try American McDonalds. We both got sausage, egg and cheese McGriddles which I think were biscuits instead of a bun because they were sort of sweet. It was hell gross, I didn’t really enjoy it very much. Too much grease.

We then headed back to the freeway in a bad mood, I think we got travellers blues today. We also got a little lost in Oxenford when following Highway 1, but eventually it took us back to the freeway. After about 1 hour we arrived in Malibu. Baby fly away to Malibuuuuu. I can see why Arnie and all the hollywood rich people live there, it is very pretty. Surprisingly a lot of the buildings on the beach actually have garages backing on to the highway. I wonder how many moviestar homes we passed. There were a lot of beaches but you actually have to pay to get in the carpark, however there were a few spots where you can park on the side of the highway. I needed to go to the loo and thought that since we were nearby we would go to the toilet where George Michael was arrested. We headed up to Will Rogers State Park, but when we arrived we were shocked to learn that it cost $5 to go hiking or have a picnic. We thought that was a bit much to go to the loo, so we passed and headed back to highway 1.

Pauline got here first taste of LA freeways and although there was a little bit of congestion near LAX it was pretty clear sailing. We haven’t gotten lost on the freeways and managed to find the school that Buffy went to relatively easily. We stopped, took a few piccys, spoke to the squirrels and killed a few vampires. We wanted to go to Buffy’s house also but it was too minor a street to feature on any maps we had. So we went back to this horrible Del Amador Fashion Mall (or something named like that). It was a massive mall, but they only had one bathroom on every floor!! I was thinking there would be tonnes based on the amount of laxative adverts I’d seen here. We found the Barnes and Noble bookstore which was outside the mall and looked for Buffy’s house on street map in there. Of course her house was just around the corner from the school, so we pass by the school an hour after we had left and took a picture of us at Buffy’s house. There wasn’t any Spike hanging around outside, but there was an interesting indentation around one of the trees at the front. I imagine that they were there from camera trolleys or something, but it’s more likely just dead grass. 🙂 It seemed like a very nice area to live in apart from that monstrosity of a mall!!!

Still not 100% in a good mood we took to the road again and made a long stop start journey to long beach. We didn’t take a freeway so it took ages, and didn’t do anything to improve our mood (although it was scenic), but eventually we got to the Long Beach Freeway and the Queen Mary. $25 each later Pauline and I were walking along the promenade of the Cunard Luxury Liner, or “the Grey Ghost”. This ship was commissioned by the same company who built the Titanic but the Queen Mary is bigger. It took us about 4 hours to investigate the parts of the ship that was open to the public and although it wasn’t as well done as Hearst Castle, it was pretty impressive.

The Queen Mary transported many famous dignatories and stars (such as the Windsors, Marlene Dietrech and Bob Hope) then served time as a war transport for soldiers fighting against the germans in the war. Apparently the Queen Mary never fired a shot in anger and was too quick for German U-Boats. It did however crash in to an allied war ship killing 300 men on the other ship and sustaining damage to it’s hull that we were able to see when did the “Ghosts and Legends tour”. This was included in the admission and although it was meant to be scary and wasn’t, there were some good bits including the pool and the crash with the war ship.

Pauline really enjoyed the Queen Mary tour as it reminded her of the cruise she went on when she was younger and she has always loved the big Cunard Cruise Liners. I enjoyed it too, but kind of felt that it could have been a bit better than just stuff written on plaques. It got her out of her travellers blues, but I was still in a bit of funk. I was concerned about the cost of parking at the Roosevelt and was scared about valet service because we haven’t ever experienced it before. Luckily it was easy when we got there, although I was perhaps a bit obvious about tipping, and I premature tipped the guy who brought up the luggage. I gave it to him downstairs, so was a bit sheepish when he brought it up to our rooms and I didn’t give him anything. Ah well, you live and learn.

I most certainly got out of my funk when we checked out the room. It had a coffee machine, a lovely bathroom, internet access (if you pay for it) and a cd player (with two complimentary cds to listen to). Best of all it didn’t stink and has high quality bathroom products. Thanks Michael for suggesting this place, it is BRILLIANT!!! We have a sort of view of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and the walk of stars goes right outside the hotel. It’s amazing how a little bit of comfort makes everything feel better. So now we are resting in luxury in preperation for our big day touring Hollywood and LA tomorrow. I wonder if we’ll hear the ghost of Montgomery Clift wandering the halls tonight???



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