Spent virtually the entire weekend feasting on episodes of six feet under and I still haven’t caught up to series 3! Six feet under is great television and it is such a surprise that it is american. You don’t normally see those things on tv – they are usually censored to oblivion. It shows realistic people with problems that aren’t solved by the end of every episode, and it makes you examine things about your life without having to explicitly spell it out.

I think Rachel Griffiths is wonderful in it, and I also like Lauren Ambrose who I’ve liked since “Can’t Hardly Wait”. The brothers are excellent as well. In fact they are all great.

It’s also funny because of my current interest in California. I’m picking up little references to localities. I’ve also found the house where it is filmed and I intend to go there. Seeing stars is an invaluable reference for a trip to Hollywood and I most definitely plan on seeing the Buffy house and the Grease school as well.

I’ll publish an itinery of the trip in the next few days so that you can have something to refer to when I upload the pictures to my gallery as we travel.



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