Phase one of blog migration complete

The new software is installed, bedded in and relatively happy. I’ve got all the old links redirecting to the new links, gallery integrated properly with wordpress (something which was lost in the last movable type upgrade) and some cool twitter and google reader integrations happening. My feedburner feeds are good, google site maps are fine and quick and Kelly has her blog back. Thanks to the commenters for assisting in my tests. 😉

To do list is

  • Get the banner re-instated so that it is less generic and more me
  • Migrate the travel stuff over
  • Install some more cool plugins
  • Test posting from iphone
  • Investigate an iphone formatted website for easy viewing
  • Enhance in ways I haven’t thought of yet
  • Post more!

Feel free to write comments again, my last movable type upgrade seem to thwart anyone who tried.



8 thoughts on “Phase one of blog migration complete

  1. amyo

    yeah the browser has an iPhone tag in it that allows sites to format their page for. Just another reason why stylesheets are good.

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