I suppose I could talk about my new haircut, or the racing stripes I have behind my ears (aka foils) or the robotic lawnmower that did it, but there’s nothing really to tell. Purple Haze at Paddington was pretty busy but we didn’t mind waiting as the music (Dave Matthews) was fine and the conversations were interesting.

Had a pizza at the Kookaburra Cafe afterwards and tried the hairdresser’s suggestion – bacon, banana and chillis. The other half was jalapeno and chorizo sausage. SPICY!!!!! Not a bad pizza at all – the guys there even do the whole pizza twirling thing. I wouldn’t mind trying one of their less runny nose type dishes.

PLUG: I’m pretty excited about some films coming out… can’t wait to see Shaun of the Dead and Shaolin Soccer.



4 thoughts on “Shorn of the dead

  1. mib says:

    Racing Strips? At first I thought ain’t you a bit young for a midlife crisis, but then I remembered, Girls and hair… I too had a change last week. Something that had not seen the light of today for 29 years appeared. (Mind out of the gutter now!) But now, even as I write it is disappearing back into obscurity. I look forward to seeing the racing strips when I return. 😎

  2. Amy says:

    WHAT!! you got rid of the mo??? I hope there were pictures Mr “I’m having two weeks holiday, no wait, can i have 4”.

  3. mib says:

    No pics, sorry. 😎 As for the hols I’m just enjoying them. The Boss has no stuff to do so it is quite different to any we’ve had in a long time. As for the mo it’s back. One person who saw it a bit thinner but I don’t think realised who said hello was Sheila. I passed her at Southbank on Tuesday.

  4. Kel says:

    My turn to get my hair done 🙂 Check my blog for the pic, and thanks to my blog provider for letting me plug mine, in her comments 🙂


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