rilo kiley stencilled shirtFor some reason I’ve suddenly gotten in to stencils and making my own t-shirts. This is my first real attempt at stencilling and although it’s got quite a few smudges I’m rather proud of it. I used the tutorial on stencil revolution and found the design on one of the stencil forums I’ve been playing on. Stencilling t-shirts is a lot less involved than I thought it would be – it’s almost easy!

The next shirt I make will be a design of my own, I’ve already made the picture so the next step will be to print it then cut it out. I thought I’d wait until my fingers healed after chopping them to ribbons making the Rilo Kiley one. This time I will leave more space around the stencil to ensure that my overzealous rolling of the paint doesn’t make it to the t-shirt. The hardest part has been finding high quality t-shirts. If only there was an American Apparel shop in Australia. They’re expensive shirts though.



4 thoughts on “Very crafty

  1. Bricktop351 says:

    Hey, I remember stencils from waaaay back, like when I first taught Jesus how to use the right expression whenever standing in front or, behind or neailed to a cross…

    Shit, this really brings back happy memories for me and my face is actually smiling as I’m typing this. I can’t believe it, but I’d like to thank you just the same for getting into stenciling. Nice job.

    Hey, I just thought of something totally spastic. I could get into it again too and create a T that says ‘Bricktop351 say relax’ or ‘Bricktop351: Village People reject no more’…

    Nice post. See ya.

  2. Amyo says:

    I like that idea cause the 80s is back in… or maybe this:

    Bricktop351: Stencilling before Jesus.

    LOL. I’m glad it brought back some happy memories for you. Can you remember what some of your stencils used to be?

    Sounds like you would like some of the shirts at American Ringer. I’m quite partial to the smurf ones.


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