It’s turning out to be an annual event. I get 5 days holiday, the air turns crisp and I decide to get out in to the garden. Do I get off my arse at this time of the year for the sole purpose of scoffing lots of eggs or is there something deeper and more celestial? Either way, this is how the typical aussie spends their easter:

Take one ugly nature strip lacking in chlorophyll:
Ugly nature strip

Toil and sweat to make it brown:
Pretty nature strip

Invite all your relatives over to view your handy work:

Pig out:

You may wonder why the nature strip is brown and not green with turf. That is the next step in the process because apparently no one delivers turf to shops on the Easter Weekend – even though they are really only closed one day (Good Friday). By the time I put the turf in next weekend it probably will be green – with weeds!



3 thoughts on “How I spent easter

  1. Kel says:

    I must say that is a nice dirt patch you have! Never seen dirt look so even and brown before! 🙂

    I’m tremendously impressed with your gardening skills, although the fact that it takes you a year between major enhancements is a minor concern 🙂 Is that how long it took for you to recover the first time?

  2. mib says:

    Nice dirt. Not sure the postie will enjoy the logs. It sure was weekend of moving dirt. That’s what “The Boss” had me doing for most of it.


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