I had my birthday breakfast at a place I rate as the best place in Bribane to start your day. Matty and Rach introduced me to the Tongue and Groove in West End and I’ve been back at least 3 times. The coffee does nothing for me but the food… OMG. My first visit was a simple pancake stack that was topped with bacon, bananas, maple syrup and jackfruit. I’d never had jackfruit before and thought it was amazing. The next few visits have always been the mothergroover – the first time because I was hungry and every other time is because I go there specifically for it. It’s the usual bacon, eggs, bread, sausages, mushrooms, beans and hashbrowns but forget McDonalds, everything is home made. The hashbrowns are a wonderful onion, herb and potato concoction. The beans are like a spicy salsa that definitely aren’t from a heinz can. Delicious. 

Dinner on Tuesday night was spent in the Valley at The Spanish Bar. Pauline and I had taken a ride over to the Royal Brisbane Hospital to visit Auntie Sue but the Walker had walked! (Auntie Sue’s last name is Walker, geddit?) She had been discharged earlier in the day but was too out of it to tell anyone. Mum actually rung home to tell me she was out just as we were probably walking through the front door. The main atrium of the hospital is really nice but the wards are still as dreary as always. It was really funny because we rode in around the hospital and was looking for a spot to park the scooters. This security guy on a bike road up to us and we asked where to park so he rode us off around the complex to find us a spot. They would never do that if we were in a car!

I’d wanted to go to the Spanish Bar ages ago but they were closed on Mondays. Thankfully this time they were open and were a little quiet so we got a bit of extra attention. Pauline asked whether a particular wine was a dark yellow colour and the lady suggested that we have a taste of the spanish wine and the australian wine. The spanish one was really crisp and didn’t have the alchoholic kick that the aussie one did. Pauline preferred the aussie brand but my preference was the spanish one. We ordered the Plato de Tapas – Hot to share with a side dish of stuffed capsicum. The plate had a mixture of a lot of the appetizers on the menu which was great for the two of us to share but we fought over the meatballs. They are unbelievable! This place would be great for a group when you order a plate each and everyone shares. Pauline was so impressed with the service that she gave a big tip which is a rarity for her. Thumbs up to Tapas!



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  1. Giuliano.... says:

    Tapas is awesome!!!!

    Speaking of Spanish stuff – go to Woolies, buy some chorizo sausages, put a bit of red wine in a saucepan and boil the sausage in the wine or 10-15 mins!

    So good I even tip myself!!!!!!!


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