Mum wanted to make a collage of photos for my 30th, but that idea got nixed when she broke her arm while holidaying at Great Keppel. Instead she selected 25 photos, gave them to Kelly to scan who sent them to me to do with as I wished. The original idea was to make some sort of slideshow but when I downloaded a trial version of comic life for the mac I decided that it would be a more fun thing for me to do.

The printouts were handed around at the party and must chuckling was had at my expense. At the request of  England for a year. Don’t try this at home kids.

I only wish that mum had sent through the photo of me as a baby on a motorcycle. Maybe that can pull what credibility I have back from the trauma of my school formal photo.



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  1. Your mother says:

    How come I can’t find the above photos. Comes up page not found


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