Recently I was riding my scooter near the Fairfield train station and noticed a car with it’s lights on. First off I laughed and thought "someone’s not getting home tonight" then I thought that the nice thing to do would be to contact them. But how? All I knew was their car and number plate. Then it hit me. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could sms the department of transport with the number plate and a message (i.e QTRANS EDF693). You wouldn’t have to know the personal details of the person but could let them know something was up with their car. Sure, it leaves the door wide open for abusing poor drivers, but perhaps the swear words could be filtered. Think of all the other uses.. QTRANS EDF693 – You are about to get a parking fine! or QTRANS EDF693 – I hate your guts! or QTRANS EDF693 – I saw you hit that dog!

So what do you think… useful or stupid?



1 thought on “SMS a car

  1. Kel says:

    I think that’s a fantastic idea, as long as they were able to police the messages properly – it has the potential to be negative rather than positive. Unless they had a specific number for “lights on” or whatever.


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