To my surprise I completely got in to the Rockstar Inxs television show. I told Pauline from the start that it would be JD because he so obviously had a charisma that matched Inxs. He was sexy, a little bit naughty, he loved his mum and adored Inxs. Throughout the series he always mentioned how he had loved Inxs growing up and I think that came through whenever he sung an Inxs song. I kind of liked the idea of Susie being the frontwoman as well – having a female out the front would show that they were Inxs mark II but I guess that wasn’t their direction.

Even though I’ve been a little bit of a fangirl when it came to Mig (the aussie) it was always obvious that he was never inxs material and although talented I can’t seem him fronting a band. Marty is cool and has a great song with Trees and I think Inxs recognised that he would make it as a solo artist. So much more talent came out of that show than any I’ve seen on popstars or idol. I can’t remember if Australian idol has a crowd but the set where the rockstars played with the audience was vital to the atmosphere of the show. You could just see them egging the artists on to perform bigger and better. Normally live performances on tv don’t hold much interest for me but these rockstars kept me looking up all the time. I even had it turned up so loud Pauline got the shits.

JD winning makes me want to go see Inxs live even if it was at Boondall because he is such a great performer. I’m so pleased



5 thoughts on “JD is the lead singer of Inxs

  1. Kel says:

    I was just having a read of the profile of some of the contestants in RockstarINXS and they’re quite formidable. JD has been on tv, Mig has been in the musical “We Will Rock You” and another one that I’ve just forgotten (sorry!!). So they’re not new to the industry/work. Australian Idol seems to just pick up ordinary Australians hoping to get involved somewhere along the line, and catapults them to stardom. Rockstar, having an international basis, was able to be much more selective, and I think this is where you see the difference in the talent range.

  2. amyo says:

    That was a well considered argument and you have made a lot of good points. Perhaps idol should consider trialling a semi-pro series where people just need a big break rather than using it as a karaoke night with a huge crowd looking through the tv.

    Does idol have a live audience?

  3. Kelly says:

    Yeah it does. In the initial stages when they do the state-by-state, and the gradual eliminations until the reach “THE FINAL TWELVE” (*sound scary music*) they only have the judges and the cameras. Then when they reach the final 12, every week it’s in front of a live audience.

    But I want to make another judgement – it’s much easier to get the crowd involved when you’re singing songs like INXS because they’re much more lively, than someone who sings soul and stares wistfully at the ceiling 🙂

  4. Jo says:

    OMG – love Rockstar:INXS! thought Josh and I were the only ones because no one seemed to be talking about it. And i loved Susie from the start too (loving referred to in our house as ‘my susie’). And i felt terribly unpatriotic because although talented, i never really supported Mig, i could never get past the fact that his ears were really pointy and he looked like an elf… i could go on for hours but won’t

  5. Susan says:

    My boys and I loved Rockstar INXS too – we wanted Marty to win but unfortunately, he seemed nervous and didn’t perform as well on the final night. Good luck to JD though, he was great at the final. What great talent did those contestants have though!Idol doesn’t even compare.


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