Gallery 2 has finally come out of beta so I’ve taken the opportunity to upgrade my version. Belatedly I’ve noticed that it doesn’t have a voting system but apparently they are planning to add it as a module sometime soon. This version makes it easier to theme and edit the templates so my next step will be to integrate it so that it looks similar to the blog (i.e banners and navigation). The ability to add comments is still there but is hidden a little on the side nav. Gallery 2 changes the implementation of the urls but thankfully they have a remapping option for 1 to 2 so I’ve activated that. Otherwise there would have been a tonne of broken links and no one would be able to get to the extremely popular "2004 Brisbane Motor Show" album. There is also a most popular album and image block that I’ve enabled too. Who’d have thought that Aaron Spellings’ house would be my most popular image? The best news though with this upgrade is that Danielle finally gets the random photo back on the front page she so desperately missed. Hooray!



5 thoughts on “New version of Gallery

  1. amyo says:

    On a whim I decided to change the theme so all the side blocks I mentioned are gone. The whim was due mainly to the fact that images look better with a black background, but I still need to add some navigation so you can get back to the blog if you feel like it. I’m thinking I’ll just add the amyo icon and be done with it. I like this theme also because the pictures fit on my 12″ screen with minimal scrolling. I miss the page view tally though so i’ll probably add that back in and make the technical photo info by request only.

    Obviously this is all a work in progress!

  2. MysteryMan says:

    So you think that you’re too cool for IE ‘eh..? Well aren’t you the cat’s purr (or whatever that saying is). :oP

    (Can i say this when I am using FireFox at work and Safari at home..?)

  3. amyo says:

    Hey I’m just promoting my browser of choice to all those who visit! I’m not too cool for anything, but I’m hoping my website is. 🙂

    Plus, knowing my history of fads, I’ll probably drop firefox the second flock comes out if it lives up to the hype.

  4. xeno says:

    What?! No first post from Kelly? I was just saying to Amy how Kelly is her greatest fan. Then I told her I wanted an avatar [or icon thingy other than a text cloud] but she said she will more likely make one for Kelly since she is her most loyal fan. I’ve got some catching up to do if I want to get an icon.

  5. Kelly says:

    I have a pattern at work, i come in and make my morning cappucino, and then sit down and check Amy’s blog. I hate working while i’m enjoying my coffee 🙂 Speaking of which, I could really use one now.

    and prepare for the meaningless comments i’ll be posting now until i get an avatar!!!


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