As promised, here are the pictures I took of Riverfire, which could be likened to tripping on mushrooms or something. What follows is an example of how to make the best out of 100 crap photos. Call it “art”.

This is “trip to Brisbane”

trip to Brisbane

I call this one “Sperm to the egg”.

Sperm to the egg

This is “Riverfire Sea Horses”

Riverfire Sea Horses

“Here we go loop de loop”

Here we go loop de loop

“Space invaded”

Space invaded

It also looks like I wasn’t the only person tripping at riverfire.



5 thoughts on “Brisbane while tripping

  1. dbee says:

    they’re fantastic shots! I like the seahorsey one and the atari one 🙂 and the links to Michael S’s site are amazing! esp the dump and burn. Congrats on those pics


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