Well the Ekka is a few hours from finishing and an excellent Ekka tip falls in to my lap. I’ve been told by a reliable source that if you purchase an RNA membership for around $50 a year you can get in to the ekka as many times as you like without paying for it! It also includes free parking for anything that is on at the RNA showgrounds throughout the year including the Ekka. You also get to sit in the members stand. Considering that ticket entry is $20 for an adult and some parking is $25 then it sounds like a bit of a bargain. Something to consider for next year anyway.



3 thoughts on “Ekka tips for next year

  1. K-A says:

    How I wish I was going to the Ekka,
    I’d wear a coat with a bit of checker,
    Eat lots of burgers with bits of pepper
    and puke up heaps with coloured flecker

    Alas I won’t be as I’m stuck here
    But on my b’day I’ll send a cheer
    for the rels in Oz we’ll drink beer
    and puke up heaps and be queer

  2. dbee says:

    that’s a really good tip, seeing as I’m a bit of an Ekka fan..tho this year, I just couldn’t justify wasting all my money on showbags, esp after paying $25 for parking! The Elvis rock and roll tribute made out of coffee beans in the fruit pavillion, was a def winner for me this year! as was the home made choc brownies from the nanna stall 😉


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