If you were in Brisbane last night you were probably saw one of Mother Nature’s little tantrums. The storm provided one of the best forked lightening shows I’ve seen in a long time and a sky that was blacker than the night. Thankfully I missed the hail in my area and didn’t suffer from a power outage so it was all enjoyable to me. The ABC studios at Toowong weren’t so lucky. If you want to see some pictures of the storm’s legacy you can check out the flickr Brisbane Hailstorm photo pool that was quick to appear. The hail almost looks like snow. It’s like being there without all the insurance claims!



2 thoughts on “Freak late May hailstorm

  1. Kel says:

    I heard rumours of a hail storm in Brisbane while I was at netball last night. We had a brilliant show of lightning and thunder (enough to make our dog go mental when we got home because his “protectors” were back!) but no rain until I was asleep, and I can only assume it was a steady pour but not hard enough to wake me.

    Geez, I love storms!


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