Yesterday my highly anticipated gear arrived from Neighbourhoodies. I’d tried to order it online on Saturday May 9 but was thwarted by the site not accepting my credit card. I thought that maybe it was because it didn’t like my Aussie card so I went to bed a little dejected. When I woke up I had an email message awaiting me that had this subject heading:

Come back! Neighborhoodies loves you! Here’s 10% off to prove it!

I’ve got this crazy new feature that lets me send out a letter when someone ‘abandons’ their shopping cart and doesn’t finish off an order.

I’d like to learn more about what you were thinking when you left the site, and in thanks, I’m delighted to offer you 10 percent off your order. The coupon is valid only till tomorrow at midnight, Brooklyn time.

At the bottom of the email they pointed out that there was an issue with the credit card system at the time I was using it which was why I couldn’t do the order. So not only could I finish my order but I also got a discount. Now that is what I call customer service!

Here is what I ordered:

Electric Boogaloo

They warned me that the url mightn’t fit properly which was why half the letters disappear under my arms but I don’t care. I’m a little disappointed that it’s a bit hard to read the words on the jacket but that’s my fault for picking the wrong font. At least I have an item of clothing no one else has.

For those that don’t get the Electric Boogaloo reference just think of it as my breakdancing outfit.

Isn’t the internet cool?



2 thoughts on “Break it down

  1. Lucy-loo says:

    I have just been to that site….. EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL WOMAN!!!!!! NOW I WANT EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!! I want a red bag with blue collage writing that says american idiot and in the middle of the writing……..BUSH!!!!! HEHEHEHEHEHEHE 😉


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