It’s August and that means we get to see Blundstones and Akubras in the City Mall. All the bushies come in to show off their prize fresian cow and while waiting they like to see what us crazy city folk have been tricked in to paying a lot of money for. While they mob the mall we all head out to the showgrounds to admire Daisy’s udders and eat fairy floss. We snigger at the guy operating the ferris wheels mullet while he laughs that we pay $70 for a Bundaberg Rum showbag that doesn’t even have any alcohol in it.

My pick for the best named showbag is The “Original Idiot” Bag, closely followed by the Mega Moron Bag which only just beat the Funky Chick Wondergirl. The showbag that annoys me the most is A Little Luxury which basically just dumps the impulse counter from the supermarket in to a bag as a token nod for the mums.

I have decided yet if I’ll go but if I do, I will continue with my ritualistic traditions:

  1. Always eat some cheerios from the meat pavilion
  2. Always visit the Police display
  3. Always buy the showbags last and get pissed off that they are sold out
  4. Walk down the aisles at the dog display pavilion

The one thing I won’t do this year is get squashed in to a train trying hard not to lose my showbags and get some kids lollypop stuck to my jeans. I loved doing that with my Grandad and Mum but now that I’m a grown up it’s not my thing. I’ll be going on my Vespa thanks very much.

Have you noticed that over the past few years RNA have been splashing out the dough to marketing people? It started with the Man from Snowy River horse displays and has evolved in to these photos of women with horses that look like they are advertising Louis Vitton. I’m not sure if I’m fond of this flashy new look because part of the ekka’s appeal was reminding us that we have country town roots and all the cafes and Tiffany stores aren’t going to let us forget it.

So, what do you guys think of the flashy new look, who is going this year and what showbag are you going to buy??



4 thoughts on “It’s Ekka time

  1. Jo says:

    Hey Guys,

    I wish I was going with you – perhaps we could try to get kicked out of the pub again : ) And win crappy huge stuffed toys and then freezing our arses off at afore-mentioned horse displays.

    Those were the days…. : )

  2. Lucyatschool says:

    What about the strawberry sundaes?? they were the best!!! I remember getting lost one year and mum racing up to the lost kids pavillon giving me a huge hug then wacking me so hard i couldnt sit down for a week…i never got lost again:P
    Have fun at the show!! get a strawberry sundae and think of me:(

  3. anonymous says:

    awwwwwwww but muuuuummmmmmmmm, I want the little luxury bag!!!!!!!!!!


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