After the gridlock issues yesterday, of course today’s conversation was about traffic. As part of that discussion Chris brought up an incident he’d had recently while talking to someone involved in the design of the busways. Chris queried why the busways were so lacking in parking spaces. The response was that they wanted to promote the KISS method of transport. You know, drive to the busway, kiss your husband goodbye and drive yourself home to bake the cake and knit all day. Chris quite rightly pointed out that this is Australia in 2006 and not 1955 and if you know a family where only one person works then you are in the minority.

This is where I would write some comment but for 10 minutes I’ve been sitting here trying to think of one but coming up with nothing (I also keep getting distracted by Miami Ink) . Maybe someone can add the final end piece?



3 thoughts on “Kiss the traffic goodbye

  1. Kel says:

    I just wrote heaps for your end piece, and then deleted it all cause it was crap.

    It’s hard to write an end piece for this!!

  2. chris says:

    Here’s my endpiece.
    “It’s astonishing to me how much right wing christian values have come back into play in the name of progress”


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