Matt greets the guests at his 10th AnniversaryThere are some people that are just so good at everything and make the most of their lives that you just want to hate them but you can’t because they are so nice and cool. I’m not one of them but Matty and Rach are.

On Saturday night they had their 10th anniversary of being a couple and decided to share the event with 76 of their closest friends and relatives. They were quick to stress that this would not be a Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony trick where they say it’s a party but instead it’s a wedding. They didn’t want to have a bunch of speeches that put everyone to sleep so a few months before the event they asked for video messages, poems, images, photos whatever. Their friend Jimmy kindly offered to compile it for them to view on the night.

Rachel DancingThe party was held on the roof of the Brisbane Powerhouse which is the perfect venue for Matty the movie props guy (he did Scooby Doo) and Rachel the unwed mothers social worker. The Powerhouse is probably the only venue in Brisbane that combines entertainment with a social conscience – just like Matty and Rach. I was a little concerned about the weather ruining the proceedings but the roof consisted of 3 spaces – a graffiti covered room that housed the band and lots of coloured seats, a white wedding type marquee where the bar was and an open air verandah for the smokers and river viewers.

The moment we entered Matt and Rach were there to greet us, both looking spiffy and happy. The music cds I had made at their request was blaring in the background as we were bombarded with sites and sounds. It didn’t take long for the waitress to offer us a drink and nibblies as we wandered around looking at the blank canvas and paint that we could decorate to commemorate the occasion. Rachel’s mum had been cooking all morning to make 80 cadbury fruit and nut chocolate muffins that were decorated with number 10 bowling balls and arranged in a layered cake type manner. Very impressive. Rachel’s sister is a florist in Melbourne and made some ornate decorations that looked great against the walls of the building.

10th Anniversery fruit and nut muffinsTime was spent mingling with friends and I managed to spot the Spiering brothers who directed the movie Undead. Even though I have a poster of the movie on the wall at home and I was wearing my “I’m so hip” The Goonies t-shirt I wasn’t interested in talking to them. Being such an old hand at meeting high calibre celebrities like Debbie Gibson, Craig Mclachlan and Joh Bjieke Petersen I was aware of how they never live up to your expectations.

I did talk to Chloe though who has been in England for the past three years working for the National Trust. Chloe was describing what the National Trust does so I used this discussion for my oh so killer joke on Pauline. Basically this consisted of me saying “They do what I do for you, look after old things”. Hee haw. 😉 

A few wines, curry puffs, rice paper rolls and sliced beef with mustard pastries later and it was time for the entertainment. Elissa and Wil the dutch guy performed a poem Elissa had wrote earlier in the week. It talked about how Rach and Matt locked eyes across a crowded Rowers nightclub, how they ran naked around Lang Park and their trips overseas. Will played some songs in between that culminated in the Lucky Ducky song at the end.

Next up was the movie created by Jimmy using all the contributed material from the party participants. It was a brilliant piece that started with a take off of the queer eye for the straight guy theme. There was a lot of video evidence of the two growing up together and as kids which was extremely funny but the most touching things for me was when Rachel did her pregnancy test and filmed telling Matt he was a daddy.The whole thing tugged at the heartstrings and it was all I could do to stop myself from sobbing. No I’m not clucky – the whole room looked like they were going to burst in to tears. After the movie Matt and Rach did a quick speech and exchanged rings.

That was our cue to pig out on beef stirfry or butter chicken served in noodle boxes. The stirfry was a little cold and the butter chicken was a little spicy but I thought it was good anyway. The latin band then kicked the party to the next gear with salsa version of beatles songs and other covers. All the dancers got up and shook their thing while I sat and watched them in action. Matt and Rach have a lot of friends who are good dancers but I thought Matt’s mum was the best. Nathan did a shimmy though that was just superb.

I did a good job of avoiding having to get up and dance until the band demanded that everyone get up and learn to samba. There was no escape so for 15 minutes I fumbled my way through stepping and tapping and turning and sliding. Then I got up to dance. 😉 The last thing I expected at this party was to come home with a skill but now I have something to practise at home. Keep my top half still while my bottom half slumps from side to side. Yeah baby!

The dancing continued on until 12.20pm when we were told to switch off the music and vacate the premises. I had spent 6 hours at a party and didn’t even notice because I was enjoying myself so much. Matt and Rach know how to be inventive with their parties and made it the best wedding that wasn’t a wedding that I have ever been to.

May your 20th anniversary be just as good!

P.S. Although I was designated driver my party hangover was discovering that I take incredibly bad photos of people. If you ever see me lift a lens towards you run and hide. I think I’ll stick to mediocre photos of buildings instead of disasterous living being shots.



10 thoughts on “Matt and Rach turn 10

  1. Kel says:

    I totally could have told you that! Don’t the pictures from Melbourne show you either?

  2. Amyo says:

    Yeah, but these were way worse than even the Melbourne ones. I’ve now discovered the red eye button on the camera so maybe it will improve just a little.

  3. dbee says:

    What a fantastic night!! I must also admit to the sniffling and teary eyes during the movie show and then the girly sobbing during a congratulatory hug with Rach. What a handsome photo of young Matthew (that’s a pretty good effort, Amy) but no mention of my limbo victory! (I still got it) hehe 😉

  4. Rachel says:

    A super hansome photo of Matt but my goodness what happened to my face!

  5. Amyo says:

    I believe that is called the “i like to boogie” move. Either that or the baby kicked. 😀

  6. Jimmy says:

    Hi Amy, it’s Jimmy the video guy. Love your site, good to see more self proclaimed geeks out there and I approve of your choice in computers. (I just got myself a G5 and 23″ Cinema Display – mmmwwwhahahaha) Nice to see the Matt n Rach post and glad you liked the video. I’m thinking i might put a version of it online for all to see again and those who couldnt make it to the party. Matt n Rach told me ages ago of their friend who has a tivo and modded xbox and is even more of a geek than me… now i can connect the dots. Sorry I didnt get to meet you at the party. Sounds like you have an awesome set up at home.

    PS – Can I have Jodie Henry when you’re done?

  7. Amyo says:

    23″ Cinema Display? OK now I’m jealous!!! I heard mention at the party that it only took you a week to put the video together and now that I know you have a mac I understand why you were able to do it so quickly. 😀

    Macs. They just work.

  8. Amyo says:

    Now let’s not start another mac vs pc debate that is irrelevant to 90% of the readers here… but as to your unsaid insinuation about thanking god for macs just working because the owners wouldn’t know what to do if they didn’t – I have one reply.

    dlls are for dils

    Now stop being jealous and go back to your blue screen of death. 🙂

  9. mib says:

    UR confusing me with someone who thinks pcs are good. There all digital computers and there all crap.

    UR religion is starting to show. 8-D


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