Reading the city news today I was surprised to see a familiar face on page 15. Alicia Bennett is a poet/writer I met at Danielle’s 30th birthday and has contributed a story to a book I will certainly be purchasing. Bloody Brisbane – Murder in the River City is being launched on the 1st of October at the Terminus hotel in South Brisbane. Alicia’s contribution is a story about a suffocation in the Wallace Bishop building in 1947. It’s strange to think that there are all these ghostly deaths in Brisbane’s history that I know nothing about and walk past every day.

I’m looking forward to reading the chapter on the Vampire Lesbian Killers that killed a taxi driver. My Nanna reckoned that they lived in an apartment above a shop on waterworks rd right near where my Grandparents live. I was always enthralled when she told that story and can’t go past Orleigh Park in West End withouth thinking about it. More info about the book can be found on the murder trails website because Jack Sim the Boggo Rd Ghost Trails storyteller is fast becoming the go to guy for any discussion about murder in Brisbane.



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