Hmm, even though the sexy new ipod nano is all over the american apple site, the Australian version has no mention on the front page. Delve a little further though in to the itunes section and you’ll see links to it on the side and in the blue navigation at the top. Clicking on these links however sends you to an error page. I wonder if that is just a web design error to do with sending templates out across countries, or whether it’s a deeper story where they planned to release it here but pulled it at the last minute?

A little search on tells me that the motorola itunes rokr phone gets released in Aus on the 15th of September but there is no mention of the ipod nano. It does tell me though that the 2GB version should retail for $299 and the 4GB will be $359.

Edit: It is available on the Australian apple online store right now ! Gee I’m tempted, why would anyone buy a shuffle now?



2 thoughts on “Apple ipod nano in Australia?

  1. Mystery Man says:

    I just saw the iPod Nano just before coming to your site. It looks pretty cool, bt i mght stick with my 40GB iPod for now. But i am also excited about the new Motorola iTunes phone!

  2. amyo says:

    Really? I’m not sure about the phone. I think apple should have designed it as well because it doesn’t look very pretty. Maybe if they had put it in the RAZR instead of the ROKR I might be excited. But that nanopod..I’m guessing you’ll be able to pick up an old ipod on ebay soon for a great price.


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