Pedro is Brisbane cabby who has been blogging long before there were any tools to make it easy. He is also a religious Mac fanatic and php fan. Malcolm who I work with introduced me to him and let me just say he is a character.

He is now also incredibly famous because he has been featured in flickrblog. To me this is akin to being a rockstar or having a guest spot on Rove Live. He has quietly been going about documenting his passengers by taking photos of them and uploading them to flickr. This is the kind of stuff that gives the flickr people hard-ons because it is truly about social networking.

In my bloglines rss feed I subscribe to the photos with Brisbane as the tag so I’ve seen all his photos as he uploads them. Pedro has also created a taxi group which will be very interesting. Kudos to Pedro for coming up with the idea – it’s simple but brilliant. I feel cool by association because I introduced him to it.

Nice work Pedro! 



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