My ipod is a secret homeboy. I leave it alone for 5 minutes and I come back to find it has wriggled out of it’s ipod sock and converted it to a beanie while it raps along to the Beastie Boys. Listen all y’all it’s a sabotage!

Secret Ipod business



14 thoughts on “I have a confession to make

  1. scuppers says:

    I apologise for this but I do not see any relation to the ipod and you what so ever:P.

  2. Lucy-loo says:

    Why did u just take amys picture and put it on that link? lol!

  3. scuppers says:

    who puts their ipod in a sock?!? I mean, how much can you love a gadget before you are considered strange??? I mean, the best treatment the XBOX/PC gets is that I always take the CD out when I finish with them and that’s as far as it goes.

  4. scuppers says:

    the only reason I do it is because it will ruin the hardware inside the XBOX/PC and generally you don’t want to ruin something worth $300 and $1600 respectively.

  5. scuppers says:

    hey Kelly, remember way back in december when IK asked if you had given up on your sims 2 blog and you said no and you would tell me when you get back to it??? well you still haven’t told me about it yet have you. No, I didn’t think so mwahahahahahahahahaha!

  6. claire says:

    My friends and I were surfing the net this afternoon ( I know it’s not normally a group activity) and came across the site.
    It’s the most refreshing, intelligent and amusing wesite I’ve seen in the last year or so.
    Thanks for the laughs – we’re all looking forward to your updates!

  7. Kel says:

    You write that in a post that my sister has done of her ipod wearing a sock, and manage to include the word “intelligent” in there. I’m impressed with your comment alone.

    But I know, my sister has a gift 🙂


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