What better to do on a tightass tuesday than take a bus to Garden City and watch Star Wars – Revenge of the Sith. I got lucky at the Myer Centre by getting on a virtually empty banana bus (5 passengers tops) which was express to Garden City along the busway. As we sped down the busway I peered out at the freeway and thought it would be so good if scooters were allowed on the busway. I think a lot more people would take up scooters then, which would clog up the busway and they would have to make a scooter way. Not one of my greatest ideas.

But then it got me thinking. The buses don’t run all night, so what happens after they have all shut down? Is there is a Brisbane underworld that drags cars along the busway when all the bus drivers have gone to bed? I didn’t see any barriers so I think the only thing that stops people from going there is a “buses only” sign (and the police arresting you). Maybe one night when I get my vespa I’ll go and have a look – if I can stay up that late – my bedtime is 9pm.

Star Wars was ok, I loved when he had the Darth Vader suit put on. What was more interesting to me was when we left the cinema. Normally when I see a movie with Pauline and ask what she thinks I get an “ok” or “that was one of your weird movies”. This time I got a rant on how “they never should have made that wanker Darth Vader – he can’t act”. I agree that it was probably the biggest miscasting in the history of film but I couldn’t believe how many emotions that brought out in her. There were a lot of problems with the film – but it was mainly due to the time line. I know that 9 months passed (unless Padme isn’t human) but I couldn’t tell. Anakin just seemed to flip really quickly which made it rather unconvincing. Maybe in 15 years time they will be able to replace Hayden Christensen with some other person using some cool new technology. At least Jar Jar didn’t open his mouth.



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  1. Lucy-loo says:

    There is nothing wrong with tightarse tuesday, i can get into the movies for $4 (thank you student id:P)my ticket costs less then the m&m’s:D


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