A guy at work is interested in getting in to the web career stream so I offered him some websites to show him what’s going on in the web world. As far as I’m concerned blogs are the greatest thing to enter the web since html. Blogging software has enabled people to separate their content from design so now they can get their message across without having to open a graphics application. It’s rare now that you see the yellow text on red pages that we used to see in the 90s and no longer do you have to worry about body tags and tables. Blogs and CMSs now let us get to the business of what really drives the internet – information.

Since I’ve already compiled the list for him I thought it might be useful if I put it here too, just in case anybody was interested. Basically the list is of websites that I respect and try to adhere to. If you have a vague interest in the web and want to comply to the standards that any good web design company is applying, check these sites out. Oh, and I am aware that one of the standards is linking the text and not the url, but in this case I wanted you to see the address.

The bible of web design:

The web design stylesheet course in Brisbane that is in July 2005:

A great place to start learning:

Web design standards are the thing that a lot of large companies have to adhere to – some of it is due to laws against discrimination (i.e. you need to make your site accessible):

One person’s view of bad web design:

Essential bookmarks for web developers:

CMS’s – A place where you can play around and try different programs – they refresh the database every hour. It’s a good place to play with them and if you like one you can then go in and tailor it to your needs:

Some sites of people who travel the world lecturing about web design – the guys we all look up to. These are their personal blogs but they often contain interesting html and new ideas:

Blogs are the biggest thing in web right now for personal websites, so check them out. I use movable type for my personal site as it is mysql driven but allows me to be creative with my html templates. What makes them great is that people can subscribe to your blog and they can keep track to see if you’ve written anything new lately. Here is a definition of a blog:



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