Pauline and I had an eventful day today. Took the train to Milton then walked to Caxton Street to check out the Seafood and Wine festival. I don’t know why they have wine in the title as it seemed like every stall was advertising Bundy Rum or Lipton Ice Tea. The calamari and chips we got from Gambaro’s was nice – especially the chips. Not as good as the Akaroa fish shop though. There wasn’t anywhere to sit as all the seats were taken by the time we got there. I think all the regulars had set up camp in their local and weren’t giving them up for anything. There was a stage at either end of the street and I was rather impressed by a three-piece that had a saxaphonist, drummer and dj playing some funky jazzy tunes. Even though we went for the seafood I’ve decided I’m heading back to have some New York Slice pizza – it looked the business. I’ve had some at the Dendy before when we attended the opening of Undead and had forgotten that it existed even though I really enjoyed it. My stomach is rumbling even now.

After eating we walked down to Southbank and was bombarded with the smell of asian cooking. We slowly meandered past all the food stalls lingering to take a look at their offerings, but not yet hungry. I converted Pauline over to milky pearl tea and then we headed in to the piazza to check out the entertainment. There was indian dancing, chinese opera and a dodgy performance concerning Monkey meeting australian marsupials. The performance may have sucked a bit for us as we couldn’t really hear it. It ended with the Dragon dancing around the stage.

Once that was finished I went down and saw my workmate Amy who was a volunteer and she showed me how to make an offering to Buddha. Pauline and I checked out the ice sculpting, had some freshly made candy, inspected the origami and then chilled out on the lawn. Danielle met up with us later, so we all got something to eat and watched the dragon procession. We then oohed, aahed and screamed at the fireworks. My favourite fireworks were rapid fire from left to right in pastel type of colours. Enjoy the photos below – if you want me to put up bigger ones just add a comment.

Lantern and House at Southbank Pink Sky over Southbank
Ice Sculpting at Buddha's Birthday The Dragon at Southbank
Lit candles at Buddha's Birthday 2004 A dragon head at Buddha's Birthday 2004
Year of the Monkey 2004 Fireworks over Brisbane on Buddha's Birthday 2004

Then it was back home for the first Big Brother of the year. Wow, what a secret! *sarcasm*



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