This earth from the air website is so cool, everyone must look at it!!!!

I did some music maintenance over the weekend and really got in to itunes. It’s still got a lot of things that shit me about it – namely not being able to sort by missing files and then delete them from the database. But it does have the cool smart playlist feature and I’ve been getting some ideas over at My favourite one was songs about robots. I’ve done some of my own, mainly pop/rock from the 80s, never listened to alternative, never listened to electronic etc. This will keep me listening to music I’ve rareley listened to for a month I reckon!! (JK). I also made one that has songs with the word love in the title for Pauline as they are the only ones she likes. 🙂

I also found out about the self-chilling drink can which will keep all the campers very happy I reckon! Not only that, but all the yowsers at the football matches, bbqs at the park and programmers at their desks. Coolest invention evah!!! 😉

I woke up to the horrid news that Leeds United have been relegated. It seems the defense was way too leaky – especially with Duberry giving away own goals all the time. So that means I’m really going to have to support another club when Viduka goes elsewhere. His frustration was evident as he got sent off again. He and Danielle have lots in common!



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