Nothing is worse than a blog that hasn’t been updated for almost 3 weeks. Apologies, it’s just that I was too busy spending every night and a weekend at the Brisbane Powerhouse to watch the Queer Film Festival. My picks from the festival were “50 ways of saying fabulous” and the german film “Wanted”. Sadly the sex scenes were lacking (at least in the lickety films) and the one kissing scene that existed was unviewable thanks to the darkness of the projector. I went to the Oz short film session which consisted of men’s movies where everyone got bashed up and the women’s films where the girls acted more like gay men. By the final film the guy sitting down from me was complaining “not again” when we saw another assult to a male. The funniest films were actually the female films. But for all my bitching there is no way I’ll miss it next year.



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