So far I’ve managed to avoid the lure of the xbox 360, but yesterday I got a demo of all it’s features. It helps that I saw it on the biggest home theatre I’ve ever seen *drool* – thank’s to Chris’ house which is the only house to ever outgadget my house. Xbox live has been around since the original xbox but this is the first time I’ve ever seen it in use. The first game involved some english guys who’d been up for three days straight playing games. They chatted for a while waiting for other people to join and granted it was one of the most boring conversations I’ve ever eavesdropped but it completely blew my mind. I’ve never experienced social gaming before and immediately found it irrisistable. It could see it becoming an addiction which is a good reason for not getting one because I already don’t have a life.

The other feature of xbox live is the making friends aspect. It has a rating system like ebay with the more friends you get the more stars you get. You can also look at what games your friends own, whether they are recreational, pro, family or underground players and if they are online. If they are online you can actually see what game they are playing and even what level they are on. I didn’t really get to see the multimedia capabilites of it such as photos, music and movies so I can’t comment on that. The best new feature of the xbox 360? You can use the controller to turn it on. Brilliant.



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