To save you a search on babel fish “tomber le chariot” means falling off the wagon in french and “tomber le chariot” is what I did last night. The Tony Ferguson diet has been working well for me so far (5.5 kilos in 4 weeks) but last night I felt like a treat. A quick peruse of the entertainment book led me to “Le Classic” – a french restaurant on Cavendish Rd in Coorparoo.

The entrance to the restaurant is a unique experience since you have to walk through a ladies boutique to get to the maƮtre d but thankfully they only have handbags and not sneakers to keep me my food. The staff all wear the standard beret which totally fits in with the rest of the decor. There are acordians, cellos and violins on the walls while on your table is a candle holder reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower.

The staff were incredibly nice and even came out to explain to Pauline how to make a martini when she exclaimed that all martinis taste better than the ones she makes at home. I got some of the house wine they were trialling which was really nice – a Hardys Cabernet Merlot. They even provided us with a complimentary salmon ball before our entrees came out.

Pauline has a big thing for escargot, “essss car got” as she pronounces it while I am a little more wary as my last order of steak ended up being fish (who knew Turbot Steak with spicy sausages would be fish?). She also ordered Rabbit after a discussion she’d had at work where she realised she’d never had it before and ended the meal with a creme brulee. I got the Les Normand set menu – pate as an entree, a lamb main and creme brulee for dessert. Every mouthful was incredible to me whereas Pauline found the rabbit to taste like chicken but stringier. She’ll probably never order rabbit again but it’s no fault of the cooks. At the end of it we rolled out the door bellies bulging but happy.

Atmosphere gets 8, food gets 10!

My lamb meal



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