If you subscribe to my RSS feed you might notice some changes in the next few days. This is thanks to a new tool I discovered over at Lifehacker called Pipes. Basically it’s this cool web application written by Yahoo that allows you to splice websites together to have some sort of output. I created a feed to merge all my delicious, flickr, digg and this websites together in to one giant rss feed. I guess it’s just a way of me bringing my scattered web self in to one location.

It looks like Yahoo is going the google route and starting to develop sites using ajax technology to assist in social networking. Pretty cool shit that can only get better as they add more features. I’ve been looking for a link splicer for a long time but all of them had a horrible user interface that made it really hard. Pipes isn’t the easiest for a non technical user, but I think that will improve as it moves from early beta to 5 years beta (note the gmail beta payout). Finally Yahoo releases something I think is useful!



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