Since the Brisbane Square building is nearing completion the builders have started to allow people to visit the building – as long as they are sporting the requisite hard hat, covered shoes and supervision of course. Today I got my first look inside my new office location (albeit on a different floor) and had some of my fears confirmed and removed.

For starters the carpet looks as bad as I thought. Stupid coloured lines will no doubt hide the dirt and work for designating out the work areas from the high traffic areas but it doesn’t hide the fact that it is gross. This photo shows the seamless segue between the colours that are so easy on the eye:


I liked the staircase with the teardrop lights (supposedly to make us think of earthy things like water). The wood is great to have in the usual plastic and plasterboard environment we are used to working in. These staircases don’t take you all the way up and down the building, they only connect specific floors and are a separate experience to the fire escape stairs.


The workspace is better than expected. It doesn’t seem the chicken run I thought it would be, but at the same time no ones junk was in there yet so we’ll see how it works. Also there weren’t 5 million people walking and talking at their desk either. The red thing you see in the photo on the left is what they call a “puppy” where we store all our personal files and bags and whatever which is lockable. I imagine mine will get to the point where I’ll throw stuff in and close the door quickly so it doesn’t fall out. No idea why they call them puppies. You can get it with a coat hook or a white board on the side. The other side has a slot to dump paperwork when someone isn’t at their desk.


The best bit of course though is the view. This is an example of what I’ll see near where I sit, but I’ll be on a floor much higher. We all decided that overtime work will be scheduled for the nights when Riverfire is on. 🙂 It’s also a good place to see if the freeway is congested.


One thing I’m concerned about is the proximity of our lunch area (or the call centre like naming of “breakout room”) to the meeting rooms. If this area is meant to be the place where we celebrate people’s birthdays or going aways etc, how are we going to sing loudly and dance on tables with grumpy meeting room people so close?

Overall I’d say the designer picking the style is no Philippe Starck or Dodd Mitchell, but it’s way better than where we are coming from so I’m not going to complain too much. The thing most worrying me is the rumour that the Shingle Inn is moving in to the food court downstairs which means that my wasteline might get bigger than it already is. ;(



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  1. Yvonne says:

    Thanks for the insight into what the BS building looks like – I have to say it looks slightly better on the inside than it does on the out 😀


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