In the final series of the wonderful show Six Feet Under, Claire gets an office job and struggles to adapt from being a struggling artist to a deskbound computer slave. As a deskbound computer slave I identify with some of the issues she faced and growing up I never imagined myself doing the daily commute and living in the suburbs (not that I was an artist or anything). One of the scenes involved her watching her workmates say a word and then all of them repeating it over and over again thinking it was funny. Sadly, I think I am a spreader of word sayings.

The sayings usually involves my goodbyes and started around the time of Big Brother Series One. “It’s time to go, Amy” was pretty obvious but also useful to indicate my departure. When BB01 ended it became Cartman’s “Screw you guys, I’m going home”. Now, with the italian influence my Alfa and Vespa has on me, it has evolved in to a more refined “ciao“. This saying has suprisingly become the catchest version of my farewells and has since been adopted by others. I think simply it’s because it’s an excellent word to say – as long as you say it like you would imagine a dashing young italian man pointing at his woman, saying ciao and then riding his vespa off in to the sunset.

I’m not sure how I feel about being a cliche that is made fun of in tv shows but I’m certainly not going to stop saying it. The word is too fun.

And if my story about Claire made you miss Six Feet Under, why not relive her office scene pantyhose song on youtube:

Or if you loved the ending of the show, which was the best ending of any show ever, click on this youtube link. But beware, this involves spoiling it if you have never watched the show and want to see it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. (How good is Sia’s Breathe Me song!)



2 thoughts on “Office sayings

  1. Pauline says:

    And one saying you have held for as long as I’ve known you, and many may not have ever heard you say is the one that just seems to come out automatically, as if without any conscious control in response to words of endearment….
    “What’s your name again?”

    I still love it.

  2. Jules says:

    Hey… You’ve started me now saying “ciao” at work as well when I’m about to leave for the day.

    You know what’s funny… I went to Italy, and everyone over there was saying “ciao” to each other. It’s funny how these sorts of things start to catch on.


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