Continuing my coffee mission

Name: Cube
Location: Brisbane City mall in front of the Wintergarden (in a cube)
Coffee: Cappucino
Price: $2.80
Size: small
Purchase time: 8.45am
Barista: Asian girl did the coffee, tall guy did the milk.


This is one of those “trendy” places with all the right graphic designs and colours. A huge ass coffee machine with lcd displays and the ability to probably make 12 coffees at once. The cashier didn’t give me the right change so I had to correct that. The wait was appropriate – in fact it was pretty speedy. The coffee was the best one I’ve had so far, it’s only downfall was that is was a little lukewarm. But it was damn fine otherwise and is currently my favourite coffee. I’ll have another one of those – just a little bit hotter next time.




4 thoughts on “Cube

  1. lucy-loo says:

    i hav a bloggie thing to i’m at school though so i cant get the address. in maths today where learning to draw triangles on the computer. i think my maths teacher thinks i’m stupid, i think she thinks where all stupid i quote ‘ now drax a straight line at the bottom of the page, not the side or the top, but the bottom” and she wonders why i read books and play games on my phone in class. Idiot.

  2. lucy-loo says:

    if my english teacher reads that hes going to think i’m stupid as well, we’re*. i need more coffee.


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