Continuing my coffee mission

Name: The Boulevarde
Location: Corner of George and Adelaide St, above the Brisbane City Central Library
Coffee: Cappucino
Price: $5.00 (it included a Bacon and Egg Sarnie)
Size: medium
Purchase time: 8.45am
Barista: Blonde haired moptop guy did the coffee, asian guy did the milk.


I accidently slept in this morning and had to skip my normal breakfast at home. This was how I ended up at the boulevarde for one of their breakfast deals. Their breakfast sarnies are bloody brilliant because they use really thick bread and toast it. The bacon and egg has HP sauce on it or something that makes it perfection. It’s way better than their coffee! The cappucino was reminiscant of the one at Coffee, coffee, coffee – mainly just milk. I can pretty much put this down to the medium size cup and will now only order small cups of coffee. The cup was so hot that it burnt my hand as well. I can’t comment on the coffee flavour because there didn’t seem to be any and the coffee hit didn’t really work because an hour later I needed another one from somewhere else.

Verdict: This place is only good for their sarnies.

The boulevarde

(I took Kelly’s advice and used my ipod as a reference to show the size of the cups)



4 thoughts on “The Boulevarde

  1. Amyo says:

    Yeah but you don’t drink coffee. You may as well order a medium frothy milk, it’s the same thing.

  2. mib says:

    No, no! Medium frothy milk would have tasted good. It was definately some form of coffee and the amount of sugar required to improve the flavour exceeded my limit. It was begining to become a coffee syrup.

  3. Kel says:

    Maybe this is where I say I’m quite lucky to work at a place where we actually have a proper coffee machine – being software geeks we need it. Thus every morning I pride myself on my ability to make the perfect morning cappucino.

    My whole point of telling you the above was to agree with Amy. I’ve experimented with the different levels of coffee in the cappucino, and I’ve found I’ve got to put it on just over 1/2 strength for the coffee flavour to have any effect on my drink. If it’s took weak, I hate it, and have to force it down. But I think I’ve got it to my desired level now.

    Either way – I still think starbucks kicks ASS over my coffee!


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