Continuing my coffee mission

Name: The Java Coast
Location: George St next to the Dendy Cinema
Coffee: Cappucino
Price: $2.60 (they also have loyalty cards)
Size: small
Purchase time: 9.45am
Barista: Dark haired european guy.

The Java Coast

This coffee shop has a lovely area down the back where you can drink your coffee in a shady environment. It’s almost like drinking a coffee down the backyard of someone’s house but you are in the middle of the city. I was only after a takeaway though so didn’t have time to relax. Their muffins are as big as a loaf of bread and priced accordingly. There was no issues in the coffee to milk consistency but the coffee did taste a little burnt. It also had a sort of organic dirt taste to it which wasn’t as bad as it sounds. Not horrible, but not good either.

Verdict: I wouldn’t seek the place out specifically but if I was in the area and needed a coffee I’d stop by.

Java Coast Coffee



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