My punk pregnant sister turns 24 today. You can almost see the punk like qualities in her even at this age:


However, her history wasn’t always spitting at people and doing the finger. 😀

You see, Katie was a Miss Endevour foundation Queensland winner when she was about 10. With her crimped hair and matching cabbage patch kid, she wowed the judges at Dreamworld. Was it at this point that she decided glamour and beauty wasn’t all it was made out to be? Have I ruined her hardcore image with this story?

Katie’s history to this point is one of extremes. She has been in two types of government institutions, slept in parks and stolen bibles and pissed off a lot of people on the way. But she does have talents other than just annoying Mum and bossing around her boyfriends. This was the first painting she ever did, which I bought for $50. It was when she was going through her Kurt Cobain Nirvana stage.

Kurt Cobain

But now she is pregnant to Gavin and with $3000 and a baby waiting for her in late November early December she has a lot to look forward to. It’s looking quite possible that being a mother is the thing she was destined for. Either way…




3 thoughts on “Anarchy in the city

  1. Kelly says:

    You know, I still know that Miss Endeavour video off by heart because I used to pay her out so much about it (particularly the last part).

    “Katie O’Brien’s hairstyle wasn’t enough to sway the judges, but Gympie will love it!”

    followed by footage of 50 billion kids playing “what’s the time Mr. Wolf”. And yes, that is the same video that also shows me telling my mother,

    “Mummy I’m a tryhard!!”

    Guess that was the influence of my elder sisters telling me that it was something really good. And I figured I would pay myself out about that same video before you got a chance Amy. 🙂

  2. Amyo says:

    That still won’t save you from tomorrow kelly. *evil laugh*.

    But I’ve now found the pefect heading for the post. Stay tuned. LOL


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