Kate and I took a walk to the Apple Store in Charlotte St at lunch today. This is always a mistake for me, because I end up drooling and finding something new to desire.

I idly stroked the 12″ ibook noticing that they didn’t have any 12″ powerbooks on display, marvelled at the size of the 17″ and once again admired the guts of superbly designed G5. But I’d seen all this a few weeks ago when Jeremy and I had strolled over.

It wasn’t until Kate started playing with the ipod and listening to it that my eyes truly lit up. There was a Sennheiser headphone display next to the ipod and you could listen to the same song on the ipod with the different models of headphones.

My ears had a sonic orgasm when I listened to one model and I immediately asked how much they were. $500 was the reply, so I quickly decided I could settle for the other model and asked it’s cost.

$350, but I could do a a much better deal for you.

Oh dear. The deal price just scrapes in to my justification boundry. Suddenly my white standard ipod headphones that suited me fine this morning aren’t cutting the mustard. Ok so the Sennheisers are rather large, and will probably make my ears sweat in the summer and they ruin my carefully unstyled hair, but oh my god, they sound STUNNING. I need to show the world my dedication to music by finding the biggest headphones ever goddammit!

Mind ticks over.. I could sell the scanner and the tv and modem and the baby and the bathwater on ebay and then I might be able to get them. But today, I’m not brave enough to be that impulsive. I left the store sad, calling Kate and the salesman evil people. Kate said I was easy.



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