After attending (and hosting) my first ever baby shower over the weekend for my pregnant “not so punk anymore” sister I am now much more knowledgeable about this cultural ritual. I shall now list for you the things that go on at a baby shower.

  • Play a game where you could possibly embarass the extremely sensitive pregnant woman by grossly overestimating her belly size simply by using some string.
  • Marvel at the technology of kids toys these days. Especially when they have flashing lights and sing modern tunes like “London Bridge is falling down”
  • Put pregnant woman in the middle of a circle and then watch her unwrap presents, noticing that she doesn’t yet understand the significance of diapers or large buckets.
  • Feel safe because you’ve either had all your kids or don’t have any intention of having any
  • Eat enough food to make it look like you are pregnant
  • Spend 30 mins discussing the sex of the baby, then 1 hour discussing names
  • Poke fun at husband/de facto/boyfriend/one night stand
  • Tell pregnant woman to enjoy her vagina and sleep while it lasts. LOL!!

Katie measures her bellyAuntie Sue, Bridget and Mum marvel at the toys

I hope I haven’t told any womanly secrets that were meant to stay in the vault.



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  1. Amyo says:

    Meant to mention the fact that three months of cataloging my music collection in itunes finally paid off. I set up a playlist of my 4-5 star songs with the word baby in the title. It was great because it varied from Belle and Sebastian, Tracy Chapman, Junior Senior, Moby and Diana Ross. I don’t know if anyone else enjoyed it but I sure did.


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