So I’ve been playing with my new camera for a couple of weeks and have done some really really bad photos. Some were overexposed, some were underexposed and a lot were blurry. I keep trying to run before I can crawl but when I got my first night photo without blur I was pleased as punch. I think I’m trying to be too complicated at the moment by trying to emulate people who have been doing it for years but I guess if I keep trying to be like the pros eventually I’ll have to at least become a substandard one.

When I stick to unplanned spur of the moment ones I usually come up with the best pictures and I think this one of my neice Ella is my best one yet. She is such a poser whenever a camera comes near her and you’d think that Elle McPherson had been giving her tips for this one. She’s so funny!

Ella is a poser



3 thoughts on “Camera practise on Ella

  1. Kel says:

    Everybody, this is the face of “Australia’s Next Top Model” (please tell me you’ve seen the TV show.

    Look at the mystery in her face!

  2. Susan says:

    OhmyGod, I think I can see Amy in Ella! I may be the only one though….


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