I added a neat little feature last night that allows you to subscribe to comments. This means that if someone replies to your comment you should get an email informing you that there was a reply and will even tell you what the reply is. At the moment there isn’t a way to subscribe to all the comments on the site but I’m investigating that option. You can also subscribe without writing a comment if the topic interests you.

The other minor change I did was to implement rollovers in the photo gallery. Now when viewing the large solitary photo you can move to the next big photo by clicking on the left or right of the photo. There is an image that appears that says either "next photo" or "previous photo" to indicate which way you are going. This was a technique made famous by my mentor Douglas Bowman – the man who makes everything look beautiful. Hope you find it useful.



7 thoughts on “Subscribing to comments

  1. Jeremy says:

    Hey, I wonder if someone will respond to my non-witty, humourless, unengagin comment?

  2. amyo says:

    I was going to say that the next comment was going to be the 1000 comment submitted to this website (not counting all the spam) but when I press submit, this comment will be the lucky prize winner. What do I get?

  3. Jeremy says:

    I don’t know what you get, Amyo, but I reckon 1001 sounds like a cool number. 1001: A Sparse Odyssey. Or something. Maybe I deserve a prize for 1001? Rock God status or something? 😉

  4. amyo says:

    Jeremy you got rock god status on Monday when you supported Switchfoot at the Tivoli.

    And Mib, I’m not sure I consider Status Quo rock. They are more dancing guitarists. LOL!


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