Saturday was an important day for a couple of avid amyo is a geek readers as they celebrated the anniversary of their birth and more importantly – the day when they first met their cousin. As a present I have decided to make them simultaneously internet famous and embarassed by posting some photos I took when they visited last year:

Lucy Gerry
(We can’t show you their faces on the internet without their permission)

Happy Birthday to the non Big Brother twins!

So are you going to tell us about your party and presents?



1 thought on “Gerry and Lucy get old

  1. Lucy-loo says:

    Your so lucky you live in brisbane and i live all the way up here…. oh well, atleast its not as bad as Kelly the Spangly Dancer. Thanks wonderfully wonderful Amy, I’m not at all embarassed. Party was awful, little old me was sick as a dog! still sick sadly:'( But a got a good haul this year, $255 from various relatives and friends, i love them all, and some pretty necklaces and things, its all good.

    You know what Gerry didnt do… HE FORGOT TO GET ME A PRESENT! How could he forget MY BIRTHDAY IS ON THE SAME BLOODY DAY AS HIS, and i got him a really good present too, i made him feel awful, then i made him buy me a present, i picked he paid, thats the way to go! Oh well one for the 18th birthday party stories :p Thanks :):):)


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