Pauline’s faster, sportier, plasticer Sportcity 200 scooter arrived last night and I got my first look at it when she picked me at the train station. As a pillion rider it is a lot more comfortable than my vespa. It’s probably due to it’s large 15″ tyres, higher seat level and foot rests that are actually useful. The ride is smoother but don’t think I’ve turned against Puppa. Mine has much more storage space, a kick start, better access to the glovebox and a 60 years of history behind it. Her’s can’t even hold a helmet.

Tonight we plan take them on the freeway out to Springwood as I’m allowed to ride mine with someone who has a motorcycle license. I’ll be going for my automatic license on Saturday morning so hopefully after the 4 hour exam I’ll be able to head off on my own. I can’t wait to ride to work on it!

I took a few photos this morning but the lighting under the house was crap so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow.



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