I feel kind of dirty. I’ve been so excited about the new mac mini and ipod shuffle products that apple announced today that I haven’t stopped talking about them all morning. I’ve tried to sell the products to anyone that walks by and even got out a ruler to measure how big the mini actually was (it’s smaller than your cd player in the car).

It looks and feels like I’m turning in to the one thing I tried not to do when I bought the powerbook. A Mac evangelist.

Sure the shuffle doesn’t have a screen and the mini doesn’t have a monitor but they are just so darn cheap – $799 for the mini. This means that an apple pc is not a status symbol of throw away wealth anymore. It means that someone like my mum can experience ease of use and freedom from obscure dll messages and blue screens of death. Virus worries become less of an issue and oh look, that icon bounces!!! Sexy.

These cheaper products effectively create a middle class for computing. High end macs for posh snobs, mini macs for people who think about what they are purchasing and pentium 400s for people who periodically surf the web.

As someone who hugs their powerbook when they are alone, I’m excited about the possibility of more people using apple products and experiencing the joy that I feel daily. Macs. They just work.

Now excuse me while I go and put up my Steve Jobs at the Last Supper painting.



5 thoughts on “Anyone know how to remove someone from a cult?

  1. Kel says:

    You know what’s the funniest part about all this? Using your new google ads, the one showing up at the bottom of this story is “Mac Addicts Australia”.

    Oh how I laugh.


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