Why is that to me, the words “I love…” instantly conjure up bad posters of blurred ducks and flowers and some dodgy saying like “walk beside me, not in front or behind”. That stuff makes me vomit.

Love has become such an abused word in society these days that I don’t know what it means any more. Is saying “I love my beanbag” equal to the love you have for your partner of 30 years? Or is it more, because 30 years is a heck of a long time!

Valentines Day screws with the concept by making you a bad person if you don’t give your other half a flower or a block of chocolates. Then, if you do give it to them you come off as smarmy, unoriginal or adhering to some commercial expectation created by a marketing company somewhere in London. You can’t win.

Like that great Haddaway song (note irony), I ask the question “What is love?” and answer, “I don’t know”. Therefore, what follows is a list of things I really like a lot and may possibly love in no particular order:

  • gingerbread purfume
  • summer thunderstorms in queensland
  • del.icio.us
  • my ipod (or more importantly – what is on it)
  • public transport
  • Monterey in California
  • EA Sports Fifa soccer game series
  • Arnotts premier chocolate chip biscuits
  • Boost juices
  • travelling to new places
  • graphic design as art
  • rollercoasters
  • standing at the front of a Brisbane Citycat
  • the movie “Braindead” aka “Dead Alive” by Peter Jackson
  • my tivo

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