NO! She is a pirate!

Missy redbeard

Could you leave me with a Scar ar ar ar ahoy me hearties!

Continuing in the style of Kasey Chambers and The Waifs, Missy sings with a thick aussie accent that can be endearing to some and grating to others. They all sound like pirates singing shanties on their way to hidden treasures. I’m still in the undecided boat (or ship, geddit?) about the style.

Her songs are great, live she is enthralling and in person she is a sweet little pixie. But the aussie accent is a bit annoying, like when I got on the qantas plane after a year in England and covered my ears when the Australian pilot started talking. Yeah, I know, cultural cringe is bad and we should respect the things that make us not US or the UK.

Regardless, she is an excellent artist and has way more indie cred than Delta. I haven’t yet found any proof that she is gay or not, so for all you googlers who found your way here, I tell you this. I think she is one of those people who fall in love with the person regardless of what sex they are and at the moment my suspicion is that that person is a woman. Plus, she thinks I’m hot. LOL!!!!!



95 thoughts on “Is Missy Higgins a lesbian?

  1. dbee says:


    love the piccy! especially the treasure in the background πŸ˜‰ It’s funny that I’ve read so many reviews on her lately, and most of them say the same thing. Fantastic talent, great song-writing ability, awesome live, but..the thick Aussie accent starts to grate after a while. Why don’t any of them have the guts to say..(like you Amy)..that she is indeed a PIRATE!! I mean, look at the above picture..what more proof do you need??!! :0)

  2. Amyo says:

    I can’t take the credit though, it was you who first coined the phrase. Or should I say dublooned the phrase!!!

  3. Kel says:

    What happened to her hand? She was playing the piano so well in her clip! Did she have an accident running with Scissors? No, that was the Scissor Sisters. Never mind πŸ™‚

    LOL @ ad on right “Captain Jack Sparrow – Pirate swashbuckler boots just like Pirates of the Caribbean”.

  4. Fanatical Phoneticist says:

    Picked up your interesting website whilst searching for comments on accent of Missy Higgins & the Waifs. In my view the accents are shockers because they are some kind of pseudo-Australian accents. Pop along to any bush dance and you’ll hear the atrocious semi-Irish, semi-Cornish (hence the pirate connection) accent adopted by Aussie folkies. It’s a dead giveaway when they start with “Come all ye ..” and include “lusten to moi tay-ull”. All such singing activity should be outlawed, and with it the wearing of cheesecloth at communal dancing events.

  5. Amyo says:

    Your spelling of “listen to my tale” is so right for the way they pronunciate those words. It made me laugh cause I started imagining Kath and Kim singing it.

    It’s bizarre how this accent came about because when you see film reels from the 30s-50s everyone spoke proper english. Maybe it’s derived from kids growing up in pubs listening to their fathers slur? πŸ™‚

  6. dbee says:

    Ok..the latest on Missy Higgins, is that she not be a lesbian but she’s ‘apparantly’ dating the drummer from the Waifs (boy). maybe?? Her lyrics are questionable I must say and do elude to a little mystery about her sexuality. Arrhaarrr! it still be a mystery matieees?

  7. Amyo says:

    The cynic in me wonders whether she is just doing it to get noticed.. like how they magically add a lesbian character in shows like The OC, Neighbours and Fast Lane just long enough for their ratings to go up. Then they get scared cause they don’t know what to do with the character once they’ve had a kiss so they kill them off. Or worse… they start the lesbian baby storyline.

  8. Bobo the Clown says:

    She converted to heterosexualism to have a baby. (Like I’d know)

    I hate the accent myself. Higgins and Sarah Blasko too. Actually sounds contrived to my ears. To sound “indie cred”. Lame lame lame. Blame it on Frente.

    Blasko has only developed the Aussie twang recently too. In her Acquiesce days she sounded…. classier.

  9. Tess says:

    Firstly, I love that she sings in an Aussie accent. And when she talks, you can tell that she’s not putting it on, that’s really her accent. Why should we make people put on a different accent just to sing?

    Secondly, I dispute your naming of Kasey Chambers in the list of “people who sing with Aussie accents.” I CAN’T STAND her voice, because she has the most nasally fake AMERICAN accent when she sings… listen to the key words like “can’t” and you’ll see that her accent is definitely, annoyingly american.

    my two cents.

  10. Amyo says:

    Yeah you are right, Kasey does do a bit of a nashville twang. She makes me cringe cause she sounds like a baby trying to bribe it’s mum into buying some lollies or something. Especially in that damn Pony song. But sometimes she does aussie pirate.

  11. Kel says:

    I do like that pony song, but only the actual tune, not her singing of it. She does an annoying nasal accent in that song.

  12. dbee says:

    and I played the ‘pony’ song for Amy a couple of times on the roadtrip.. I could tell that she secretly loved it hehe She got me back by making me listen to a whole album of twee music!! Arrrgghhhhhh!!!

  13. kate AN AUSSIE says:

    missy higgins is a fantastic artist she is my friend and a great person, i am australian and hearing you say our accent is annoying made me upset, english and americans are far worse, so stop picking on the best dam country in the world! you bloody emo’s! lots of love katie

  14. Bazza Smith says:

    “But the aussie accent is a bit annoying, like when I got on the qantas plane after a year in England and covered my ears when the Australian pilot started talking” that is the biggest load of rubbish I’ve ever heard. Some life you have if you have to cover your ears when listening to an Aussie. Get a life moron. Congrats for talking the most shit ever. And yes i am an Aussie and bloody proud of it MATE!!!!!

  15. Bazza Smith says:

    aussie accent, look as I’ve already made clear I’m not very happy about that comment at all. And so are other readers. If you wonna bag out the aussie accent do it somewhere where people think you actually know what your talking about.Clearly you don’t. You hop on a boat and come to Australia and see why this is the best damn country. Then write this article again properly with some truth incerted in it for a change. Bazza!!!!

  16. Bazza Smith says:

    And no we don’t have Kangaroo’s hopping through our streets. A while ago we had a bog bloody kull on them, look into things first!!!!

  17. Amyo says:

    For a start I’m an australian and I’m proud to be Australian so you kind of missed the point. The point is that it’s not the most beautiful accent on the senses. What would you rather have whispered in your ear, some soft spoken french words or some some soft spoken australian?

    All the artists mentioned in my post are extremely talented as their succcess has proven. It’s just that a few of us aren’t in to their pronunciation. I can’t stand the voices of non-australians Dizzy Rascal, The Thrills and Joanna Newsome and yet I love listening to their albums. Same goes for Missy.

    I used Missy as an example simply because she is the most well known artist at the moment. It’s not a statement on her personality or talent, it’s about the rolling Rs and the reason my face scrunches up when the Waifs sing “married to a yankee sailor”.

    And I did see a Kangaroo hopping through the streets of Bribie Island once but that’s not usual. πŸ˜€

  18. Amy .j says:

    HI i was just looking up some missy stuff and i saw this sentence in capital letters and it caught my attention IS MISSY HIGGINS A LESBIAN? that as a question i have been trying to find out for ages , nothing will prove it.OMG its just so obvious in her lyrics … i don’t think she is a lesbian but she definately has the tendencis ” she pulled out my stitches one by one looked at my insides clicking her tongue”
    I love her too bits her lyrics and music touch me. I’d do her i think she’s hot but its her music that really draws me to her.I would love to meet her one day. NO im not a lesbian! lol but hook ups are fun! lol have fun guys…. Love this site.Hey amy we have the same name lol.

  19. Amyo says:

    Yeah her lyrics are definitely ambiguous in what sex she is talking to and even when she introduces songs she says things like “this is about someone who..” insted of “this about a guy who..”.

    Even the latest Rollingstone cover with her and John Butler has the word bisexuality on the cover but it’s all about John.

    I’ve given up guessing now but I enjoy it discussing if it means that people like you stop in and visit my web site. πŸ™‚

  20. Mena says:

    She captivates me! I don’t know what it is and I have no reasons why. I can relate to her lyrics and sometimes I’ll use them to describe my emotions. But I’m clueless on the topic of her sexuality. I’m not gay, but so attracted to her. I just want to know, is there anybody out there who can answer the question? And it is true that she uses “this song is about a person…”, never mentions the male species! When I ask people what they think, I’m answered in a manner that makes me feel stupid for asking. SO PLEASE MISSY, JUST TELL US ALL!

  21. Jen says:

    Well about the kangaroos, I have kangaroos crapping on my garden and I live in a normal suburb in Western Australia…ok i’ll give its around a golf course but still! Roos do jump down the road and the dogs do chase them!! Oh and the Aussie accent can be cute when compared to others, and i think every one cringes to all accents when its different to what you’re used to…

  22. lil klayr says:

    “And we will only need each other, we’ll bleed together,
    our hands will not be taught to hold another’s,
    ’cause we’re the special two.”
    well, i am a lesbian and i rekon it’d b cool if missy was cuz she’s an awesome talented muzo:)and she’s not a stereo-typical shaved head, white singlet, doc martins and cargos girl…those associations suck! and kangaroos have been known to hop down the main streets of Broken Hill (how trippy when yr in the pub and a roo hops by…) BTW huge gay population in Broken Hill. it must be something to do with all those miners ;p

  23. Andrew James says:

    As an aussie I take offence to people baggin off our accent. Everyone speaks differently and it is just what you are used to, i saw Missy live on Thursday night and she is brilliant.

    P.S Here’s some soft spoken French for you “va te faire onculer, tu me fais chier”

  24. Amyo says:

    According to google translate and babel fish, the soft spoken french becomes:

    will make you onculer, you make me shit

    in English.

    I have been known to have that effect on people, but that is usually when I cook. πŸ™‚

  25. Emma says:

    Missy is absolutely amazing and if she is gay then her girlfriend is the luckiest woman alive. I am gay and find her the most beautiful person on the inside and out. Gay or straight, Missy captivates everyone in one way or another. It’s her carisma, sensuality, mysterious ways and her emotions and experiences that are expressed in her lyrics that make her ever so desirable.

  26. jadda says:

    hey..missy’s lyrics are questionable bout her bein bi or wateva..but who cares im 16 n im bi!!
    her music is awsome n she is flamin hot!! lol
    i recon her “pirate” aussie accent is cute.. lol n bout the kangaroos…they do jump round here in nsw where i live so do emus!! an emu was trying to have sex with my car 1day..wierd yet true lol. im wondering if sarah blasko if gay?
    ne1 know bout that 1?

  27. ttsk says:

    Having seen Missy live a few times, she seems to bring in the lesbian folkie crowd (not stereotyping, just observing, call me a straight folkie if you must). The point is- I don’t think she is “playing the pronoun game” to attention- seek or cash in on “gay cool”, I think it’s a way of ensuring everyone in her auidence can relate to the song, without having to to change pronouns……….

    Love the pics by the way πŸ™‚
    My 2 cents, for what it’s worth

  28. Rain says:

    It’s so true, I’m really attracted to Missy too and I’ve always thought of myself as straight. What is this power she has where both guys and gals want her? She’s so sexy without even remotely trying, it’s very alluring……

  29. Tiffy says:

    I definately agree with most of you here something about her is appealing to both sexes although i dont think you have to be ‘gay’ to say you like her.

    Also her aussie accent to me sounds abit like shes from England or something???Maybe its just me, it could be the fact she went to the best school in Australia…did you know that? She went to Geelong Grammar…thats the best school in Australia not to mention she also boarded there!

  30. jadda says:

    whats Geelong Grammar??
    is it like a special school for music or something? i think missy is very attractive
    and i think most guys and girls would agree she just gives off a sassy vibe about heself and its inteaging lol i just think she’s a true aussie muso..i like the fact that she hasnt taken over the whole american accent.. cos shes aussie why should she have 2 change accent when she sings?!?!

  31. kezza says:

    im so excited cause im goin to see missy live at wollongong uni hall next week.
    its her music its just seems like shes been through everything ive been through and plus she s so attractive i cant wait oh well i just had to say that.

  32. claire says:

    Missy…what a sensation hey! She’s very refreshing, entertaining and quite unique! We attended her concert in Brisbane Sunday April 10. To a packed audience who hung on her every word – we were treated to something quite special!

    I am gay! But my sexuality does by no means predict/limit my taste in music.

    Missy sings from the heart, and this is what attracts, her lack of comment on her sexuality is completely her right! My question is ‘will her identification as hetero/homo/bisexual result in less/more sales?’ i doubt it, as she is established and sales will be influenced by quality alone!

    Concerning the comments related to accent – I was in a β€˜Big’ house with Reggie a couple years back…Regina’s accent was quite unique and identifiable as Aussie. And she won!!

    Regardless of accents, sexuality or anything else, Missy Higgins is a brilliant talent who’s lyrical ability has entered the hearts of many from the heart of one!

    Thanks Missy!

  33. Amyo says:

    I totally admit that Missy has an incredible aura. I don’t watch many music video shows but I had one on tv in the background while I was doing something else (probably surfing the net). Suddenly this thick aussie accent came blasting out of the speakers and made me look up because it sounded different to the rap music and warblers that had been playing for the last 30 mins. It annoyed me a little, but then I saw her trying to hold her piano together and positively radiating. I hadn’t ever seen anything like it and was captivated by the fact that she looked like she was totally enjoying herself. With that Missy had won me over. As the song finished I was shocked to see it was number one and I’d never heard it before. Obviously she had won over everyone else too. I can dislike her accent as much as I want but there is no way I’ll deny that she is an incredible talent and pretty special.

    I still wonder though if her next video will have Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Geoffery Rush prancing about with scabbards.

    P.S. I’m pretty gullible, so are you really the Claire seen in the right hand corner of this picture? If so, that’s pretty cool – I knew Brisbane/Gold Coast only had a few degrees of separation. I guess having a blog means there is only 1 degree of separation and a few html/css files! πŸ™‚

  34. katie says:

    I LOVE missy!!!!!!!! she is my fav artist right now, And i cant wait untill i can see her in concert soooooon. Im 16 and yeah its hard for me to get to ANY music concerts because i live in a tiny I will be so happy when I can make it to one of hers, it would be outragious!!. Do you think she reads any of this stuff about herself on this site? or like reads her own websites guest book?.. because i’ve been on her website and there isnt a way to read any of the guest book entries on her site, and yeah i was wondering if anyone knows how to get into that part of the site?!? it would be a big healp, thanx xxx

    p.s any of you can add me to your msn if you like. oh & amyo your site is pretty cool πŸ™‚ byebye

  35. claire says:

    lol Amyo! havent seen those pics for sometime now! and you’re correct it is me..
    degrees of separation truely amaze me..would love to decrease the separation between missy and myself! *has a crush on missy* but hey who doesn’t!


  36. amy J says:

    hey guys haven’t been on here for a while but yeah thanks amy for replying to my message.I missed out on tickets to missy’s concert so cut! Awww i want to meet this girl so bad she’s my celebrity lover lol. IM ADDICTED!!! lol Has anyone bought the new special two single becasue it has 3 no album tracks on it …. and for all those missy fans buy her singles becasue they have new songs that aren’t on her album its awesome…………..

  37. amy J says:

    oh yeah um that article with john butler in the rolling stones? i have that and its pretty much a dead give away……… missy quotes ” i think everyone’s bi-sexual but they just don’t admit it ” and apparently she ahs a girlfriend? whatt!! i know but it probably isn’t true …… i think she swings that way for sure…. KEEP IT REAL MISSY I LOVE YOU

  38. Missy rox says:

    MISSY ROX!!!! I dont think her accent matters, im really into punk but i play guitar, drums and keyboard. Theres something bout missy musci that is different and as a musician i love the her talen! She writes beautiful songs and is a good musican. Im bi-sexual myself and yeah she has a vibe about her i think shes beautiful!!!!! GO AUSSIES!!!!!!!!!!

  39. brooke says:

    hey peeps.. i love missy sooo much lol i’d be her chik anytime!! i spose heaps of peoples would but oh well πŸ™‚
    that quote she said; ” i think everyone’s bi-sexual but they just don’t admit it ” i recon that is so yeah i’ve got all her songs and stuff and they are outrageous i love them & her!! it was so weird, on saturday i heard her song ‘special two’ on every music channel as soon as i turned channels.. then when i was in my room i heard it on the radio lol!!
    xxx ooo xxx

  40. Kel says:

    Wow, hasn’t this article got the people talking!!

    Was just updating myself and then noticed the google ad on the right, “Discount Accent Reduction”.

    Now, I don’t think that Missy’s accent annoys me, but perhaps we should be offering this special offer to other singers with annoying accents?

  41. Nicole says:

    Im very proud of Missy…its great 2 see us aussie singers rising up on the a singer myself, not with the “thick accent” as you say..but i find Missy’s style very unique..not only his her singing style unique but she also is. shes not afraid to be different and most people find that very inspirational. thats why i like missy…shes awesome and i support her all the way…shes not gay, sorry gay ppl. amy i think u are a little obsessive about this whole accent thing, just because not many other australian singers sing with the thick accent (and most often mimic the american type accent on certain words) doesnt mean we cant try listening to sumthing a little more intriguing and actually listen to her lyrics instead of bagging her voice…listen to the sensualities in her voice closely and you will agree that its not actually that stop exaggerating! lol i like your site and ur oppinions r great..keep up the good work chicky!

  42. Em says:

    Hey i just saw missy on friday the 15th at enmore and it fuckin rocked! i was first there in the line up that arvo and got front row! Shes frigin awesome! Who cares if shes bi/gay/straight whatever, all that matters is she makes incedible music and has to excellent voice!


  43. smiles says:

    omigewsh!!! i recently saw missy higgins concert, and it was gr8 she really is a wonderful live performer. does it matter if she is a lesbian? i suspect she is, but really who cares?! i love her accent, and the way she talks, i guess i one of those peeps that really love her.
    i really dont think you should be dissin her.
    ps. she is really pretty

  44. name: me! says:

    i love missy, i love the accent
    i love her style, i dont love girls .. but if she is a lesbian.. thats ok!!

  45. name: me! says:

    i noticed she did atract alot of lesbians at the live concert i went to.. maybe they think she is lesbian, but if she really wasnt then why wouldnt she say to the media that she is fully straight mate.. i dunno and i dont care
    i love her
    she is my idol
    ps. she is really pretty dont you think?

  46. me! says:

    ok hear i am again i have posted the last 2 msg’s
    and i bet you are allthinkin doesnt she have anything better to do??
    well this will be the last one.
    i noticed lezzos at the concert, alot of them. in my opinion she is a lez, missy that is. because she has nt confirmed to the meadia anyting about her sexuality
    i dont care if she is or not, i just hope she creates more gr8 music
    loving her… smiles, name: me! , and my third name …
    ……….the girl who thinks missy rocks

  47. sally says:

    heya.. i agree with most of the peeps in here, well the good parts.. yeah i dont think any1 should pay her out about her accent, its just normal 2 sing like an aussie if you are 1..i sing like an aussie lol! well im hoping 2 see missy live!! key word: HOPING lol well all i have 2 say is missy higgins, is 1 fine & dandy chik. x0x

  48. Mel says:

    I’m in love with her…she’s beautiful and talented… :p I love her songs and she’s a genre of her own…sweet.

  49. dave says:

    I dont find anything australian abot her voice i think its the opposite but hey thats just me yes she is very atractive and posibly gay or just mixed up in the head ? any way she writes good honest songs wich would relate to just about anyone so good on her. Keep up the good work missy.

  50. gomissy says:

    hey everyone
    as a lesbian myself, i’d always sort of hoped Missy was, but sort of got the impression she wasn’t?? i dunno. i agree with most people that have commented, she is an incredibly beautiful person, and i think her music is so captivating to people because it’s JUST ABOUT LOVE!!

    love is what it’s all about people!! πŸ™‚

    peace to all

  51. go missy! says:

    If Missy had long hair I bet you wouldn’t even be having this conversation!

    Generalisations suck, so stop making them!

  52. Kel says:

    Isn’t that a generalisation in itself, that we wouldn’t be making the comments if she had long hair?

  53. go missy! says:

    Not every comment is about hair though – so not really!

  54. M says:

    When anyone sings in an accent other than the ‘normal’ middle american style people can either be put off or endeared.Bjork copped a decade of jibes about hers,so do The Streets,Cranberries,Bic Runga and loads of others.

    The whole ‘pirate’ thing is because the Australianaccent is a mix of midland English and west coast Irish,seeing that is where the first convicts came from.When sung,especially by higher pitched females,it naturally sounds like pirate folk.If you ever heard Boston area female folk it sounds VERY much the same because the New England US accent had similar roots and rolls its RRR’s.

    Its not so noticeable with a deeper voice,eg Pete Murray who also doesnt hide his accent at all either but no one brings it up.

  55. sally says:

    whats all the stuff about missy having short or long hair.. whats the difference, maybe she just likes having it short?
    but anyways missy rocks my socks & she always will lol shes a beautiful person & she writes awsome songs.
    check ya’s *PeacE*

  56. Russell Allen says:

    Missy is currently in LA on an Aussie music promotional tour with Resin Dogs, Shifter, John Butler Trio etc. I have heard reports from this tour that Missy doesn’t mind a bit of fella action once in a while. What goes on tour stays on tour I guess.


    Russell Allen

  57. Malie :) says:

    Well, I find her accent LOVELY… It’s about BLOODY TIME we had someone who’s PROUD to be an Aussie. I’m SICK AND TIRED of people who make it in the music industry in Australia (how, I’ll never know) who sing with an American accent… And I think its beautiful that she’s so unpretentious…

    She’s amazing… Unbelievably amazing…

    When I saw her live, I cried from the moment I caught a glimpse of her outline till the nano-second before I fell asleep. I walked away from her performance practically radiating with positive feelings… I had never felt so washed of my sins ever before and until I see her again, I will keep harboring my sins…

    May you all revel in her glory and beauty πŸ™‚

    And as for the lesbian bit… WHO CARES IF SHE IS??? She makes BEAUTIFUL music, and she’s beautiful so it shouldnt matter!!!!

    Thanks… Hahaha… πŸ™‚

  58. Sophie says:

    To the first comment at the top, which country are you from? I’m an Australian, and I can say that yes, Missy Higgins does have a very typical Australian accent, but people should respect that. Not every Australian says, “G’day mate! How’s it goin?” We don’t have kangaroos jumping around our backyards and we don’t all live in the bush and live off snakes. Australia is the home of some of the best talent in the world. So, please don’t be racist to Aussies because we are actually very nice people, we’re proud to be who we are, we are proud and supportive of our country, and we deserve respect. Just like anyone.
    Sophie πŸ™‚

  59. Lucy-loo says:

    It just goes on and on and on and on. Do any of you actually realise that amyo is an aussie herself? lol go amy

  60. Kel says:

    That would be me who made the first comment. I’m the sister of the author, and I wrote it because I was taking the piss out of her turning Missy Higgins into a pirate. I’m an aussie myself, and sure as heck ain’t a racist. I don’t say g’day, but I frequently say “how’s it going?” No, there’s no kangaroos in my backyard, I don’t live in the bush, and don’t live off snakes. Matter of fact, that last part freaks me out. I DO often go camping in the bush, and the last snake I saw was on the news.

    So just to finish, I’m definately VERY proud to be an aussie. My grandparents fought in the war, or nursed people who did. I love this country (sunburnt as it may be) and I love our weirdo accent.

    So pleeeease don’t take offense to my first comment – I was merely paying out my sister πŸ™‚

  61. wyoming says:

    met missy higgins when she recently performed in a small venue in san francisco. i was truly impressed with her dynamic poetic fused way of songwriting and her voice quality was just as remarkably impressive. after the show, she was hanging out at a corner with a box of her cds…i went up to her asking if she was selling them and that i would like to purchase her cd. soft-spokenly she replied “yes” — signed the cd and handed it to me. i asked her where she is from? “Australia” she replied with a look like you have no idea??? i proceeded to say thank you for the very nice performance and hope to enjoy more of her music. she appears to be a really nice…down to earth individual…a little shy i might say. Australia….gay and straight…should be proud of her… is not often that we can be graced by a songwriter with such passion and talent.

  62. Lucy-loo says:

    thats ok, many people seem to have made that mistake *sigh*

  63. dbee says:

    hey, thanks for your comment ‘wyoming’ :o) It’s nice to get some positive feedback on our home-grown talent from overseas. I too have met Missy and she is very down to earth and an amazing performer. Let me just try and settle this blog once and for all (God help me!) Amyo and I joked about how Missy’s accent sounded a little like a ‘shanty pirates’. Purely an observation and just our opinion pretty much. We love and respect Missy and hope she never changes coz she IS a unique talent and Australia’s music scene is far better off for having her (hey look, I just expressed another opinion! ;o) hehe Cheers!

  64. Dexter says:

    Better get up to the crows nest then and see if you can see anyone in Australia who actually talks like that. Good grief, I was expecting a rousing round of too-ra-li-oor-a-li-addity right in the middle of the song. Put Missy Higgins, the Waifs, Steve Irwin and Crocadile Dundee in a vat and boil them I say. They do as much harm to our image overseas as a Negro who prances about saying Yassa Massa gimme some of that ole fried chicken and watermelon or a Scotmans eating a haggis on a tram.

  65. Professor Rosseforp says:

    Dexter: you speak sense, and your comments about “tooralie additiying” are apt and accurate. This, I believe was the point of the original comment that her accent is an abomination of an Aussie accent (even Malburnians don’t talk like that, nor do the South Australians)

  66. gossipmonger says:

    i don’t know if missy higgins is a lesbian now, but i do know that when she was in yr 8, axle whitehead (yes, the failed aussie idol), who was in yr 11, had a huge crush on her… how’s that for a bit of gossip?

  67. wendy says:

    Hi, I think Missy is fantastic and everyone bagging her aussie accent should be ashamed, you are who you are so be proud of it!!!! I’m seeing Missy in concert in Brisbane in a couple of weeks, it’ll be the third time I’ve seen her live and it’s just as exciting this time round. I can’t wait for her new album. Love your work missy πŸ™‚

  68. Hayley says:

    Missy Higgins i love you heaps but i have heard from all my friends that you are a lesbian. I don’t want to believe it but can you please tell me if it’s true
    Luv Hayley

  69. Ummm says:

    That last comment.. number 81… you said “I don’t want to believe it” of the prospect that Missy might be a lesbian… oh my gosh WHY??? That is so weird… Surely we don’t still have too many of your kind sitll around? Who seem to think there’s actually something WRONG with being a lesbian?

    I am straight, but it just sounds weird now in this day and age to read a comment like that suggesting discomfort at the idea of homosexuality.

  70. Michael says:

    I think she’s bisexual. “Scar” is such a giveaway. Doesn’t change anything. She’s still hot and her music rocks. Her live performance is amazing!

  71. KKAAYY says:

    I’m American, but when I went to Australia my Australian step mom introduced me to her. I’ve been hooked ever since. My website even has her “SCAR” music video. She’s fantastic and everyone knows it. True, I’m only like 13, and I still am not crazy about the rumor that she’s a lesbian, but I’ll still listen to her forever. The only reason I don’t like the rumor is because I grew up in a very Christian household and I’m still pretty young. So spare me the drama.

  72. tess says:

    thats sooooo not funny missy is wayyyy better then that thats stupid i bet the person that made this is wayyy uglier then her gezz

  73. Amyo says:

    I don’t get it. What does being ugly have to do with whether she is a lesbian or not?

  74. Sir_stalks_a_lot says:

    WEll I don’t shes gay or bi because i have never noticed anything about her that has screamed out flaming himi to me but if you really want to know whos gay it’s pat monahan from train

  75. Raven says:

    Hey…whatever Australian said they were offended to think our accent is annoying well…sorry…it usually is.

    Especially with that horrific…twang. Everytime Missy opens her mouth and sings I want to gouge out my eyes and stuff them into my ears so i don’t have to hear or see anything she says or does. She might be a nice person, but she’s annoying as all hell.

  76. Rachel says:

    Missy Higgins is a great woman she’s down to earth unlike some women in Australia. She doesn’t go “Oh my God I broke a nail!” or “Does my ass look big in this?” to some of the females in this country that’s all that matters. Australians need to stop being so stuck up. We’re not perfect!! And whether it’s publicity or not it seems ‘a true aussie bloke’ only cares about pizza, meat pies, having no responsibilities and being with their mates rather than their wife or kids. Some Australians knock others down when they’re already down.. they’re cowards. But back to the point, Missy has a great voice and btw, it sounds like a british accent but who gives a damn?! We’re here to enjoy her music not to meddle in her life.

  77. Elaine says:

    Don’t knock other countries or people from other countries. Australia isn’t the best place in the world you know.

  78. Anonymous says:

    you suck. missy is amazing. every little bit about her. why dont you go bitch about your accent

  79. anonymous says:

    okay i’m australian so what people have said about the auzzie accent, it being annoying, i totally agree with. like i was watching neighbours on tv then i went on the computer and watched a few interview of tegan and sara, canadians for the people who don’t know, then i watched neighbours again and god i couldn’t stand it, i was liek “damn do i actually sound like that noooo, it’s sooo damn annoying.” even on movies like kakoda, swimming upstream (i can’t really think of any more off the top of my head) but you can soo hear our accent in them and they are annoying. but it’s weird when i’m watching like home and away i can’t hear it unless i’ve been watching like interviews of people on the net.

  80. emileee says:

    haha missy isnt a lesbian. i read that when she was 18 she had a boyfriend. and for all those people who are saying her song ‘scar’ is a giveaway that she’s a lesbian/bi because it switches from refering to a guy and girl.. she actually said it herself that its a song about how at the begining of her career.. various recording associates were trying to make her into someone she wasnt.. so she wrote the song about some people who tried to change her into a person she wasnt. if u listen to the lyrics properly it does actually make sense.. for example:

    “He left a card, a bar of soap and a scrubbing brush next to a note That said “use these down to your bones”
    “Then she pulled at my stitches one by one,
    Looked at my insides clicking her tongue
    And said “This will all have to come undone”

    oh n aussie accents rock πŸ™‚

  81. arselicker says:

    Those in the know say she’s a dyke simple as that.


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