What else is this post going to be about than a mac. All new macbooks, macbook pros and some of last powerbooks had a cool function where if it moved rapidly it would detect it and lock the hard drive. This was a safety precaution in case you dropped it but of course some people got in and hacked that function for other stuff. Important things like moving the mouse around by tilting the entire laptop and making sounds when you moved it. Welcome to the latest hack.

By now I’m sure you would have seen the Star Wars Kid video and the Star Wars Kid Remixed. Now I present to you, Macsabre kid. Watch carefully for the disdainful looks. LOL



1 thought on “Can you do this with a Dell?

  1. Kel says:

    I showed Mat the stars wars kid and all he could say was “he’s got NO bow skills at all!!!! ”



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