Obviously the wii wasn’t enough – or it reinspired my need to game, but I’ve gone out and bought myself an xbox 360. It was the deal from Harvey Normans that tipped me overthe edge, I’d been eyeing them off since Gary showed me Gears of War on an 32″ LCD screen. *Drool*.

I spent a fair bit of the New Years break playing the game and it’s as immersive as Metal Gear Solid was all those years ago. There are interesting features like when you run it feels like a camera man is running behind you like the kind you see on real life tv about war zones. Blood spatters on the screen and chainsaws are a large part of that, but it is the bosses that excel. Seeders can only be killed with the “hammer of dawn”, beserkers are blind but can smell and hear you and move quick enough to smash you if you don’t get out of their way. Krill are these batlike creatures that shred you the second you move out of the light. Brilliant.

I’ve now played a couple of times online which I think is the biggest appeal of the xbox communiity and enjoyed it even though a twelve year old told me “you suck dude”. I feel a little disabled without a headset and I understand now why the first question any xbox 360 owner said to me was “have you got a headset”. Typing messages really takes away from the gameplay. I can’t wait for the wii to get that kind of online support and I also can’t wait until the price of fifa 2007 drops below $50.

But don’t fear, the wii is still in my heart… take for example the sounds I make when I play wii…

Ha ha ha ha ha! *wets pants*

Compared to the sounds I make when I play xbox 360…

Motherf**king assh**le ba**rd sh** ha ha ha f**k!

I need some anger management lessons after that! 🙂



1 thought on “Console overload

  1. Anonymous says:

    OMG, OMG, OMG you bought a 360 also !!!
    How on earth did that get past the finance comittee.
    When I get back I’m buying myself a Wii and a xbox 360 too now that its almost hacked
    Weheeee console fever has hit.
    BTW over here in the states, the PS3’s are a bit of a flop. There are heaps of them in the stores just sitting there.
    They have heaps of displays showing 360’s back to back with PS3’s and I gotta say – cant really tell the difference (except for price of course).
    Congrats girl, can’t wait for games night at your place
    ciao bella


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