I had predicted that the Wii would be a hit at xmas, and I was not let down. Here are some clips of my aunt and mother competing for supremacy at Wii Sports Tennis. My favourite quotes come from mum “this is good isn’t it?” and “I like this”. Unfortunately I didn’t have the ultimate rally ever between Auntie Sue and Madonna.. they vollied faster than I’ve ever seen before, everytime you thought the rally was over, they’d pull out an amazing move. I couldn’t believe my eyes.



2 thoughts on “My mum wiied at christmas

  1. scuppers says:

    aaaah, good times, goooooood times. That was indeed a legendary volley that will be passed down through generations of the family for years to come

  2. fifi says:

    I don’t remember the legendary volley between Mum and Madonna. I think I must have been asleep. However I am sure mum’s character running around the screen would have been very cute to see. Much like Thelma from Scooby Doo!!


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