Ever since I saw a photo in a Murder Casebook magazine I’ve always had a secret longing to be a “Mod“. I’d never seen such a bunch of dapper looking geezers in their fitted suits with the leg tapered in at the ankle. But the attraction was more about their method of transport. Vespas.

VespaAs an Alfa owner I am not immune to the delights of italian design and I feel that the Vespa look ranks up high against the Ferraris and tight fitting italian national soccer jerseys. It’s cute rounded front doesn’t say speed or power, it simply says style. A vespa shouldn’t be ridden in stubbies and thongs, it needs a suit and tie to offset it’s subtle nuances. If I was to make a life list, owning a vespa would be towards the top of my must dos. Brisbane city’s suburbs aren’t really conducive to riding a vespa – you are likely to get hit by blind drivers turning into streets from the wrong lane, so for now I have to put the idea on hold. I’ve already picked out the colour though – it’s called cappucino and is mostly cream with some creama around the edges.

As a not so satisfactory substitute I’m going to have to induldge my inner hidden mod by watching Quadrophenia, listening to The Jam and checking out this beautiful vintage vespa photoset in flickr.



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  1. Dan says:

    Amyo would you like to join the LoganLife forum **points to url field** or anyone else for that matter??? I need to try and make it look like I have friends lol.


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